Zemaitija College

Zemaitija College

Tel :+370 616 37393

Website :www.zemko.lt

Zemaitija College is a state non university school in higher education in Lithuania. Its activities are based on the Constitution and law of Lithuanian Republic, regulations of the Lithuanian Government and Ministry of Education and Science.

Non university studies dominate in the College. Lithuanian citizens have possibilities and conditions for receiving higher education and vocational qualifications in Social, Technology, Biomedicine, Art and other sectors. Applied research and consultancy activities are developed in Zemaitija College. Respecting the demands of the state and labour market it trains specialists- practicing able to work on their own using their qualification obtained. The College implements the principles of life-long learning creating conditions for continuous education, training adults in accordance with their personal demands and wishes, amplifies education of the society economic, aesthetic, juridical and informative culture.

Zemaitija College implements its purposes using the principles of democracy, versatile personality development and integration in the foreign academic society.

It is well known as an educational institution having long traditions and experienced, labour-devoted teaching staff that trains specialists–practicing. Zemaitija College was established in 1859 by the Duke Irinejus Oginskis in Rietavas town and it was the first Trade School of Agronomy in Lithuania. The College has expanded its activities as the staffs are able to work under the requirements raised. The strength of the institution is the highly qualified people working in Zemaitija College and having sufficient competence and enthusiasm to use the opportunities provided.

Vision of Zemaitija College: Accredited higher school of non university education including development of applied scientific activities and researches.



Information Centre and Reading Hall are on the ground floor of Rietvas Management Faculty. 11 computerized study places have Internet connection. Library fund has 27 000 printings. Publications demanded can be ordered through interlibrary system.


The students’ dormitory in Rietavas accommodates 350 students. The students share the double room in the twin-room apartment. Every apartment has a basin and a toilet. There are showers and a kitchen on every floor.


College sportsmen join into the sport club Liutas (Lion). Club members form basketball, volleyball, aerobic and chess teams. A number of sport events, matches and festivities are held in Zemaitija College. The sport gym and sport ground are updated and well - equipped. Zemaitija College swimming pool apart from swimming offers facilities of sauna, water cascades, relax in the winter garden. Solarium and Fitness center are situated nearby.

Zemaitija College Student Union (ZKSU) was established in 2002 10 15. It is independent, academic, non profit organization and is a member-observer of Lithuanian Students Union. ZKSU solves the problems raised by the students of Zemaitija College. Every group has monitors that are active at participating in the meetings held by the Students Union and disseminating important information for the students. ZKSU promotes college students traditions, organizes events and represents students’ interests. International students may receive advice and support from the college student adviser. Also, International students may receive support and company of a tutor-a volunteer student of Zemaitija College. He meets the visitor, helps him/her to get to accommodation place, shows around the town and the college, and provides support and guidance on practical things throughout the stay.


Double room accommodation fee is 50.00.Litas/month for 1 person.

International Relations and Marketing Department will arrange housing in the private sector if  requested. The price level depends on the location and living conditions.

The canteen is nearby, including the cosy room with a fireplace for parties. Lunch in the canteen costs approximately 5.00. Litas.


The general admission requirement for Zemaitija College in Higher Education is maturity (Secondary School Leaving) Certificate. Students with secondary, secondary-vocational or higher education can apply for admission.