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Webster University - the Netherlands

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Founded in 1915, Webster University is an accredited American institution that ensures high-quality learning experiences that prepare students for global citizenship and individual excellence. Since 1978, Webster has grown to include campuses in Leiden (the Netherlands), Geneva (Switzerland), Vienna (Austria), London (UK), Bangkok (Thailand), Shanghai (China), and Accra (Ghana).

Webster offers undergraduate and graduate programs accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. Our business programs are also accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

Webster University, the Netherlands

Webster University in the Netherlands is located in an historical building in Leiden, a beautiful international university town in the heart of the Netherlands. Webster Leiden is home to 300 students representing more than 45 different nationalities, allowing students to have a truly global learning experience. Moreover, students are encouraged to study abroad at any other Webster campus.

The University offers undergraduate programs in Applied Behavioral and Social Sciences (ABSS), Business Administration, International Business and Management Studies (IBMS), International Relations, Management, Media Communications, and Psychology. The ABSS and IBMS programs are also accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Agency, NVAO offering students the possibility of earning a dual degree. At the graduate level students can study International Non-Governmental Organizations, International Relations, Media Communications, and Psychology with an Emphasis in Counseling Psychology.

Webster University in the Netherlands follows the American Liberal Arts education in Europe. The flexible degree programs combine academic depth, intellectual breadth and the freedom to explore diverse interests. Students can choose a single or double major and consider the benefits of earning an emphasis, minor or certificate – usually at no extra cost or time. A key element of Webster’s approach is our focus on hands-on projects linked to the work world students will soon enter. Students will acquire and develop skills and competencies that are valued externally through internships, study trips and conferences. Furthermore, Webster offers a student-focused education where the class size is limited to 20 students, an environment that encourages discussion and an interactive learning experience.

Webster University allows students to experience an American University while in Europe.


Webster University in the Netherlands has a campus of three buildings. The classrooms, administrative offices, and a computer lab with modern workstations are located in an historical picturesque building in the heart of Leiden. In the main building students can also take advantage of the Writing Center that offers guidance in the completion of written assignments and helps students improve their academic writing skills. Webster also has a Learning Support Center that assists students with learning disabilities in their academic life.

Most of Webster activities and events, such as Orientation and Thanksgiving, also take place in this building as it is beautifully located on one of the city’s canals. Webster Leiden also has two parking areas available to students.

Right across from the main building, there is the university library where students can find a collection of books related to the programs offered in Leiden. In addition, there is also an online library that comprises of more than one hundred databases and gives access to all major academic journals.

Only a few steps away from the main building and the library is the Living and Learning Center (LLC). This building offers single and double fully equipped rooms to accommodate international students. In addition to their rooms, that have their own bathroom and kitchen, students have access to laundry rooms on each floor, a small fitness area, a student lounge, and a courtyard.

The LLC also hosts an art classroom, a sound studio, and an Art Annex where students can display their work.

Finally, Webster also has a location at the World Trade Center in Amsterdam. Graduate business courses are offered at this location for students. Several networking events are also hosted at the WTC location.


Undergraduate fees:

Full-time students will pay a flat fee of €7.600 per semester which includes between four and six classes attended and covers the expenses for books. The annual cost would be of €15.200.

Part-time students will pay a €1.350 fee per 3-credit course (equivalent to one course) which does not include textbook expenses. The annual cost for part-time students varies depending on the number of courses attended.


Graduate students pay the tuition fee as they register for classes which include the expenses for textbooks. As a result the annual costs vary between full-time and part-time students. The fee per program also varies.

MBA students are charged €2.325 per 3-credit course (equivalent to one course). The complete program has 12 courses and 3 prerequisite courses. The annual estimate for full-time students is €23.250 (10 courses) and for part-time students is €11.625 (5 courses).

Students in the Management and Leadership or Media Communication program are charged €2.325 per 3-credit course (equivalent to one course). The complete program consists of 12 courses. The annual estimate for full-time students is €23.250 (10 courses) and for part-time students is €11.625 (5 courses).

International Relations and International Non-Governmental Organizations students are charged €1.665 per 3-credit course (equivalent to one course). The IR program consists of 12 courses in total whereas the INGO program has a total of 13 courses. The annual estimate for full-time students is €16.650 (10 courses) and for part-time students is €8.325 (5 courses)

Students in the Psychology with an Emphasis in Counseling Psychology degree are charged €1.620 per course for a total of 16 courses to complete the program. The annual estimate for full-time students is €16.200 (10 courses) and €8.200 for part-time students.

The estimate additional expenses vary per student. An estimate of accommodation and living expenses is €1.000 a month.
The Dutch Immigration Office gives an estimate of €834 per month to cover living costs.

For further information visit the link: http://www.webster.nl/become-a-student/tuition-fees/


At Webster University we look for high potential individuals with a global mindset, who are not only motivated to succeed academically but also thrive in society. We are proud to welcome students from different countries and backgrounds with the belief that embracing such diversity can only contribute to their all-round development, and enhance their experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. The Board of Admissions reviews every application carefully to decide who will be offered a placement.

Undergraduate Admission requirements:
1. A completed application from
2. A non-refundable application fee of €40
3. The official transcript of your last 3 years of secondary education
4. A cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better
5. A 400-500 word essay on a topic of your choice
6. For non-native English Speakers a satisfactory score on the Academic TOEFL examination (550/80) or an Academic IELTS examination (6.0).
7. A copy of the biographical page of your passport

Graduate Admissions requirements:
1. A completed application form
2. A non-refundable application fee of €40
3. A copy of a recent CV or Resume
4. A one page letter of motivation stating why you want to pursue the program
5. Two letters of recommendations
6. Certified copies of your transcripts
7. For non-native English Speakers a satisfactory score on the Academic TOEFL examination (575/90) or an Academic IELTS examination (6.5).

For more information visit the link: http://www.webster.nl/become-a-student/how-to-apply/

Application link: https://apply.webster.edu/Admissions/Pages/createyourprofile.aspx

Case Study

Name: Jamie Lee Jarrett

Country of origin: Germany

Programme: MA in International Relations, 2014

Jamie Lee Jarrett joined Webster University Leiden as a graduate student in International Relations. She holds a BA in Political Science and lived in Berlin before moving to Leiden.

"The International Relations Master's Program offers me the in-depth knowledge about international politics that I have always dreamed of getting. The program prepares me perfectly for my future career goals and plans in IR. You meet students from all different kinds of backgrounds and due to the fact that the campus in Leiden is so small, you feel at home immediately. Applying to the IR program at Webster Leiden was one of the best decisions so far - I am so excited to keep deepening my knowledge, my friendships, my love for Leiden and my love for Webster for the rest of the time being."