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The University of Seychelles, popularly known as UniSey, is a fast-growing knowledge hub in the Indian Ocean and a key partner in transforming Seychelles into a knowledge-based society. The vision of the university is to be a recognised knowledge hub in the Indian Ocean and the University of Choice for local, regional and international students.
The mission of UniSey is to:
- advance knowledge to foster excellence in teaching, learning and research.
- foster an atmosphere of discovery, creativity and innovation.
- build the human resource capacity required to help Seychelles achieve its development goals.

The University of Seychelles has three main campuses, at Anse Royale, Ma Joie and Mont Fleuri respecively. The Anse Royale campus hosts most of the full-time degree programmes on offer. The Guy Morel Institute, based at the Ma Joie campus, is the ideal venue for in-service professional development and a well-known training centre for both private and public organisations. The Mont Fleuri campus is home to the India-Seychelles Centre for Excellence in Information and Communication Technology. The ICT Centre awards certificates and diplomas in the field of Computing and Information Technology.

UniSey offers a wide range of programmes and courses designed and delivered with employability in mind. Most of the degree programmes are awarded directly by the University of London. We want to ensure that our graduates are well-equipped for their professional lives, holding a qualification that not only meets stringent international standards but that also gives them a competitive edge on the employment market.

At UniSey, students are taught by well-qualified and highly accomplished academics from Seychelles and from overseas universities. Students will benefit from the professional skills, extensive international experience and latest research findings of their lecturers. Research, which is now an important aspect of the university, is fast evolving. Key areas of research currently being developed include: the Blue Economy, Indian Ocean languages and cultures, environmental science, and education in small island states.



The University of Seychelles libraries are located at the Anse Royale and Ma Joie campuses. All registered UniSey students and staff, as well as external users, can make use of the library services, which include both electronic and non-electronic access to education materials.

Information Technology (IT)

The core technical services on offer include application management, email, internet access, website support, software and license management. The University of Seychelles is also a Microsoft IT Academy Centre. The Microsoft IT Academy programme is a membership programme that enables academic institutions to deliver training on Microsoft IT professional, developer, and Office technologies to their students, as well as offer resources on the latest Microsoft technologies to their educators.


Catering services are available on all campuses. At Anse Royale, the main cafeteria is currently being refurbished and a new menu will be available to meet student and staff needs. At Ma Joie, an interesting feature remains the attractive seating arrangement, with a nice view of Victoria as bonus. Students at Mont Fleuri can share the facilities of the adjoining Institute of Education.

Facilities for Hire

The University of Seychelles also rents its campus facilities, such as the theatre, classrooms, Student Union Hall, conference room and computer laboratory, to the general public.


Please click here to view the course fees at the University of Seychelles.


Application Process for International Students

Application forms can be downloaded from our website, at . You can find an application form for International Students by clicking on the ‘Faculties & Courses’ tab and then on the ‘Application Forms’ tab. Alternatively, you may go directly to the following url: You can also request an application form by sending an email to Applications should be submitted well in advance of the application deadline.

For all applications, a non-refundable application processing fee of USD 75 is charged. For University of London programmes, an additional non-refundable application processing fee of USD 205 is applied.

The following steps should then be followed when submitting your application:

- Complete the application form and send a scanned copy, along with scanned copies of the documents listed below, to

- Send by mail a hard copy of the application form and originals or certified copies of the documents listed below to:

Student Registration & Admission Office
University of Seychelles
PO Box 1348
Anse Royale, Mahé, Seychelles

The following documents must be submitted along with your application form. Any applications with missing documents will not be processed. Official documents not in English language must be accompanied by an English translation issued by a school official or by a translation agency that is accredited in the country of origin.

- Proof of payment of application fee.
- Original academic certificates (or certified copies).
- A copy of the data page of your passport, clearly showing your name, passport number and photograph. If you do not have a passport, you can submit a copy of another identity document. However, you should make sure that you apply for a passport in time to travel to Seychelles.
- Three passport-size photographs.
- Proof of English language proficiency.
- Proof of any disability/special needs.

Processing international applications

As soon as your application has been received by the Student Registration and Admission Office, you will be sent an acknowledgement email. Your application will then be processed.

If your application is successful, you will receive an offer letter. To secure your place at the university, you need to accept this offer by signing and returning the Annex on the offer document as soon as possible, together with any requested documents.

When we have received your acceptance of our offer, we will send you a Confirmation of Enrolment and other details about your chosen programme. At this stage, you will also be required to pay the sum of USD1450 as partial payment of the tuition fee. The remaining amount should be paid during registration, after your arrival in Seychelles.

As soon as you have received the confirmation of enrolment, you will be able to apply for your visa (student permit) and accommodation.

If your application is unsuccessful, we will write to you outlining why an offer cannot be made at this time. We will also provide advice on additional qualifications that you might consider in order to meet our entrance requirements or suggest an alternative study programme(s) that you could follow.

Case Study

Name: Prema Micock
Country of Origin: Seychelles
Course Title: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The University of Seychelles (UniSey) is proud to announce that Prema Micock, its Registration and Admission Officer, has successfully completed her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with First Class Honours. We met with Ms Prema and she agreed to share her experience as a full time student and employee of UniSey.

Describe your experience as a student of the University of Seychelles.

As a student at the University of Seychelles, I had the opportunity to encounter and interact with different people from different backgrounds and personalities. This has helped me to develop the ability to see things from different perspectives, thereby providing me with a unique and rewarding experience.

What do you think are the benefits of studying locally?

My family members played an important role by motivating and encouraging me every day. Having them close to me all the time is one of the greatest benefits of studying locally. To be in your own country where everyone understands you makes it easier because you can communicate easily and get the required support to complete your studies successfully.

What challenges did you face during your studies on both the academic and professional level?

As a full time employee and a full time student, I had to balance my work life, student life and social life altogether. I had to get into the trend of switching from being an employee to a student or vice versa and sometimes wearing both hats at the same time. The challenges I faced academically were that I found some modules quite challenging. These required a lot of research, reading and attending lectures for better understanding, and I had many difficulties to perform all three tasks at times. I frequently procrastinated, especially when I was very stressed by work and lectures. On a professional level, the challenges were that I was not as productive as I wanted. I would occasionally find myself a bit behind schedule due to lectures. Working in a very busy department requires multitasking and frequently I had to delegate some of my incomplete workloads to my colleague. In addition, whenever I am mentally strained, I sometimes unintentionally forget about a particular task, which can delay my work a lot.

How have your studies helped you in your career development in terms of skills and knowledge acquired?

Different modules have served different purposes. I was able to grasp the importance of individuals within the organisation as one of the most important assets towards the success of any company. This has helped me to be more appreciative towards each individual with their different abilities. Acknowledging the importance of teamwork as a major factor towards striving for organisational success is also a key element. My studies have equally provided me with a range of valuable skills which I could use to facilitate my work and to be more productive through critical thinking.

What does the first class honour achievement represent for you?

It represents the determination, effort, hard work and sacrifices that paid off in the end.

Who do you wish to acknowledge and dedicate this achievement to?

Firstly, it will be my family and friends, as well as my boyfriend and his family. They are the most important people in my life and they were behind me since the beginning. They have supported and motivated me, giving words of encouragement for not giving up in times of discouragement. Secondly, I am very appreciative towards my colleagues and other staff of the University of Seychelles for their continuous support and understanding as well as for providing me with such opportunity to pursue my studies. Most of all, my deepest gratitude goes to my colleague Monica Francoise, for she has been an incredible friend and colleague during all these years. In addition, I am grateful towards my classmates and lecturers who provided me with the required guidance and continuous support. But above all, my acknowledgement and dedication for my achievement go to our Father in heaven, Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit, as well as all the saints. I believe prayer is the most powerful weapon in the world and this achievement is proof that my prayers have been answered.