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The University of Maribor is a broad-based institution committed to excellence in education, the extension of knowledge through basic, advanced, and applied world-quality research, and creative and artistic expression. With its complement of Education, Humanities and arts, Social sciences, Business and Law, Science, Engineering, manufacturing and constructing, Agriculture and Services, the University promotes cooperation, competition, and multi-disciplinarity.

The University strives to provide equal opportunity for higher education to students, and embraces as its core values both freedom of thought and expression and freedom from discrimination. The University is committed to the highest standards of academic honesty and integrity.

Internationalisation plays an important role; the University encourages student and staff mobility and active participation in international associations, networks and projects, and at the same time it promotes and protects Slovenian language, national identity, heritage and culture. The University aims to promote partnerships with businesses, governmental and non-governmental and other institutions in society to enrich university teaching, research and creative activity; prepare educated, engaged citizens; strengthen democratic and ethical values, and civic responsibility; address critical societal issues; respect ecological and environmental issues; promote sustainability in development; and contribute to the public good.


The University Library Maribor is the central library, that provides informational support for the educational, scientific, research and cultural activities of the University. It co-ordinates the production of the University's bibliography, educates users about library materials and provides information for research and professional work for other users as well.

The University Library Maribor and other libraries of the University are connected into the Library Information System, sharing a common member database and a unique membership card, which is valid in all the libraries.

The Student Dormitories in Maribor are an important part of the infrastructure of the University of Maribor. They offer students convenient accommodation in the city centre, good conditions for studying as well as a possibility to participate in numerous extracurricular activities. They are located at three attractive locations: at Gosposvetska cesta, Tyrševa ulica and Lent. Despite of the fact that the University of Maribor is not organised as a campus, the dormitories are situated near the faculties, which allows more efficient time management and less logistical problems.

The University Sports Centre ’Leon Štukelj’ is located within the dormitory complex at Gosposvetska cesta. It has several sports halls for indoor sports activities; the central hall with basketball, volleyball, handball courts and a football pitch can be divided into three separate areas. In the third area there is a City Wall for climbing and a trampoline. There are also accompanying halls for martial arts, yoga, pilates and therapeutic gymnastics. The aerobics and dance hall has all the necessary equipment for aerobics and dance practice. The University Sports Centre ’Leon Štukelj’ also offers two halls with squash courts squash and a fitness centre.

The Student Council of the University of Maribor is a body established under the Higher Education Act of the Republic of Slovenia and the Statute of the University of Maribor. It is committed to: handling and solving student-related issues, promoting the welfare of students, and contributing to a more student friendly and quality education. The Student Council of the University of Maribor consists of representatives of individual faculties, thereby equally representing the interests of all members of the University.


Tuition fees at the University of Maribor vary from faculty to faculty. At undergraduate study tuition fees vary from 1800 to 3850 €, at postgraduate study from 2500 to 4000 per year.

EU citizens and citizens of countries Republic of Slovenia has concluded a bilateral agreement with, are exempted from paying the tuition fee for full-time study (Republic of Croatia, Montenegro, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - FYROM)

For deatailed information please contact the desired faculty.


Undergraduate Study

Foreign citizens and Slovenians without Slovene citizenship can enrol in undergraduate study programmes if they meet the following requirements:

  • completed appropriate secondary education (to  enrol  in  university  study programmes, the candidates must have a recognised national exit exam, like the Slovene matura or American SAT or final examination before 1 June 1995. To enrol in professional higher-education  programmes,  the  candidates  must  have  a  recognised  final  examination, vocational certification or national exit exam);
  • Knowledge of  Slovenian language  (for some study programmes the candidates must pass the Slovene language examination);
  • completed recognition procedure for secondary-school certificates obtained abroad;
  • completed test of specific aptitudes, abilities and skills (Faculty of Civil Engineering (Architecture), Faculty of Education (Music Education, Art Education, Sports Coaching).

Candidates can apply for enrolment in undergraduate study in 2013/14 in the period from 5th February to 31th July 2013 with the “First Application Form . The application form must be sent by registered mail to: The Higher Education Application and Information Service of the University of Maribor, p.p. 246, 2001 Maribor; Application Form is also available at:, chapter Foreign Students.

Postgraduate Study

Requirements for enrolment in master's (second-cycle) programmes: completed bachelor's (first-cycle) programme in a relevant subject area.

Requirements for enrolment in doctoral (third-cycle) programmes: completed second-level programme, completed master’s (second-cycle) programme corresponding to 300 ECTS credits, completed master’s programme.

The call for enrolment in postgraduate programmes was published on 31st May 2013. Slovene citizens, EU citizens, foreigners and Slovenes without Slovene citizenship may apply for enrolment in the first year of postgraduate programmes by September 2nd 2013. An application for enrollment must contain an application and proof of fulfilled admission requirements  for enrollment into 2nd degree study programmes and 3rd degree study programmes, that are specified in the call for enrollment for an individual study programme. Candidates must submit their application at: Call for Application into Postgraduate Study Programmes is published here:

All candidates should enclose the following supplements: notarised copy of citizenship certificate; translation of citizenship certificate into Slovene by a court interpreter; verified copies of secondary school certificates (secondary school exit certificate and certificates of the last two years); translation of copies of secondary school exit certificate and certificates of the last two years by a court interpreter; decision on recognition of certificates obtained abroad; a Slovenian language certificate.

Candidates must in addition to evidence mentioned above, together with their application, submit the decision on recognition of secondary school education. If they don’t have a decision yet, they send their applications for the recognition procedure to: University of Maribor, Office for General and Legal Affairs (marked: Recognition of foreign education), Slomškov trg 15, 2000 Maribor. Foreigners and Slovenians without Slovenian citizenship are recommended to begin the process of recognition in a timely manner. More about recognition of previously gained education:

EU citizens and citizens of countries with which the RS has concluded bilateral agreements  have the right to education at higher education institutions in the RS under the same conditions, by the same procedure and by the same deadlines as Slovene citizens.

Case Study

Name: Rok Hržič

Age: 22

Country of origin: Slovenia

Faculty: Faculty of medicine


University of Maribor is by all accounts a young University. That might seem like a fault to many, but in my experience it has been one of the key attributes that make my stay here exceptional. It attracts dynamic and ambitious students and professors that seek to actively mold the institution according to their vision of a school truly in the 21st century. With an emphasis on hard work, self-reliance and ingenuity, attributes summarized in the University motto: “create your future”, this university teaches us, the students, the worth of initiative and focuses on providing us with the tools that will allow us to succeed in this ever changing ever evolving world.

It is also by all counts a small community, with a little over 20.000 students attending. Again what seems as a shortcoming is indeed an incredible advantage. The students here compose a coherent community that enjoys hundreds of diverse events, opportunities for both work and play outside the official curricula, organized by an always-hyperactive Student council. The close-knit community allowed me to make friend and acquaintances in fields outside my immediate interest, medicine. I find this to be a wonderful thing, as today’s economy is one of interdisciplinary teams, groups of young individuals bound together not by a common field of study but by a common passion of solving the world’s greatest problems – none of which require a single expert or a single area of expertise.

In summary, it is a fantastic young university that prepares its students for the 21st century economy and does not skimp on having a lot of fun while doing it.