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The public University of Liechtenstein is an internationally renowned centre of higher education, offering attractive study opportunities in the heart of Europe. They benefit from innovative learning methods and a particularly healthy staff-student ratio. Relevant content instils them with outstanding career prospects in an attractive employment market.

Facts & Figures:

Area of Liechtenstein
160 sq km/61.8 sq miles ; 6th smallest country worldwide

36.842 inhabitants


The official language is German. The spoken language is an Alemannic dialect.

80% Roman Catholic, 7.3% Protestant

Swiss Franc (CHF)

Trade Relation
Member of the EWR since 1992


Libraries, computer laboratories, accommodation, sport centre with different offers ( student unions (AIESEC, START)


Per Semester

Fees: CHF 850

Rent including utilities: CHF 550
Telephone/Mobile: CHF 50
Food: CHF 400
Health insurance/insurance: CHF 100
Clothing, laundry, hygiene: CHF 70
Leisure, spending money: CHF 200


Generally our application is online. Our requirements are different from each programme. On this web-page you will find all the requirements for each programme. Link to online application.

Case Study

Name: Marina Vasileva

Age: 25

Country of Origin: Bulgaria

Programme: MSc Banking and Financial Management


My educational journey began exactly four years ago when I was studying at the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria and I applied for an Erasmus exchange program. I entered the building of the University of Liechtenstein for the first time in the winter semester of 2011. At that time I had no idea that my life would change forever.
My exchange started “fast and furious” with the famous introduction week, meeting many new people, having a lot of fun and doing something new every day. Soon after the start, I found out that the university would ask for its share of my free time and that passing those courses would not be easy. During the whole “study hard, party hard” experience I did not realize how fast the time went by, how much I have learned, experienced, grown up, how many great new friends I have made and how I have fallen in love with this tiny country, its people and atmosphere.

After a certain amount of sad tears before leaving, I went back home to finish my bachelor studies and was determined to come back. The university had the perfect study program for me – one that helped me satisfy my interest in the financial markets, while developing my soft skills and academic research abilities at the same time. I was lucky to be accepted and even got a job at the university as a student research assistant. This helped me finance my education and also develop some additional skills while working in an academic environment. Furthermore, I received a scholarship for an extra-curricular certification program in finance (CFA).

After two years of really hard work, I graduated from the University of Liechtenstein with an MSc degree. The whole study experience also helped me improve my language skills and develop various capabilities. I am now working in the financial department of a major production company, in one of the greatest regions in Austria – Vorarlberg.