Tio University of Applied Sciences

Tio University of Applied Sciences

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Website :www.tio.nl/en

Tio is a private university of applied sciences specialising in hospitality, event and international tourism courses on bachelor and intermediate vocational level. Are you ready for Tio?

Tio’s mission

Tio strives to be the best university of applied sciences within the international industry and is committed to her students’ academic success. Tio stimulates them to get the best out of themselves, fostering and improving the students’ self awareness and pro-activeness. Therefore at Tio you can obtain your bachelor degree in only three years and your intermediate vocational degree in only one or two years.

From Holland to the rest of the world

The Netherlands is the perfect basis for your international ambitions as Holland is (and always has been) the trading center of the world. Utrecht, situated in the heart of Holland and close to the capital Amsterdam, is the place to be for students from all over the world.

Small-scale and personal

Studying at Tio involves intensive teaching in small classes with lots of personal attention. Tio believes in learning by doing. Practical education is combined with theoretical lessons. Tio’s school are small and the total amount of students attending any one class is kept low. It goes without saying that a good atmosphere is very important to Tio.

At Tio we know each student by name. Tio provides top-quality education. The maximum number of students in a class is 20. For skill training it is limited to just 10 individuals. The lines of communication are short, the organisation is informal. Tio is dynamic and accessible. The small-scale locations provide the teaching environment with a sense of security.

Global industry

Opt to study at Tio and you opt for a career in the world’s largest industry. Globalisation has resulted in constant worldwide growth in (business) travel, conferences, events and the hotel industry. Last year the worldwide turnover was 642 billion euro in this industry.


Tio is fully recognised by the government and accredited by the NVAO (Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation). Tio is a member of the association ‘Netherlands Board for Training & Education (NTRO), the association of graduates for recognised hotel schools providing higher education (INCH) and an associated member of the ANVR.

Tio courses

Tio offers two bachelor courses and three intermediate vocational courses.

The Hotel and Event Management bachelor course provides classic higher hotel school education in combination with event management training. The bachelor course International Tourism Management prepares you for a career in the biggest worldwide industry. As mentioned earlier, you can obtain your bachelor degree in only three years at Tio.

Tio courses on intermediate level are Hotel Management, Stewardess Receptionist Hostess and Commercial Tourism Management. You can obtain your degree in only one or two years.

Tio locations throughout The Netherlands

Tio is located in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven en Hengelo. Utrecht offers Bachelor courses in English and Dutch. Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Hengelo and Rotterdam only offer courses in Dutch.


Electronic learning environment

Tio supports the student via the internet in many different ways: e-learning, digital library, e-mail, news, study indicators, work placement companies, grade administration, timetable information, portfolio, student counselling, bulletin board, et cetera. The student can also make use of wireless Internet at the different Tio locations.


Bachelor students receive free membership at a university library, courtesy of Tio.


To a limited degree, Tio can refer prospective students to (past) students who have rooms available or otherwise provide addresses of student accommodation agencies. For example, the foundation ‘Casa Academica’ keeps a number of rooms free, exclusively for Tio, in Amsterdam, for the coming study year.

For visa holding students the housing expenses are included in the total amount to be paid. Tio will organise accommodation in Utrecht for foreign degree students from outside the EU/EEA.

Student union

Besides learning, studying also means having an awful lot of fun! When you start studying many things change: new city, new course, new people and maybe also new rooms. Get everything you can out of your student time, become a member of Tio’s student union called Cognatio.

Cognatio organizes year-round fun drinks, parties and activities. In addition, more and more student-related events such as company visits, workshops and seminars are organized. In this way the union is also an extension of your study, where students from various courses and locations quickly and easily get in contact with each other.


Course fees
  • Tuition fees for English BBA course: €13,100 per year
  • Tuition fees for Dutch BBA course: €12,100 per year
  • Study materials: €1,250 first year (Concerns an estimation of study materials. The second and third study years the costs for study materials amount to, on average, ± €625 per year, depending on the minor chosen in the third year.)
  • Registration fee (one off): €250
Accommodation and living expenses
  • Housing: €475 per month (estimated)
  • Insurance: €50 per month (estimated)
  • Groceries: €100-150 per month (estimated)


You can apply digitally to study at Tio University of Applied Sciences via our website:


For students from the EU/EEA: Once Tio has received the registration form, you will be sent a written confirmation of admission (providing you satisfy the preliminary education requirements and providing there is no waiting list). This confirmation will also provide you with additional information regarding the TOEFL test or IELTS.

For students from outside the EU/EEA: Once Tio has received the registration form, you will be sent information regarding the follow up procedure (providing you satisfy the preliminary education requirements and providing there is no waiting list).

Admission requirements
  • Diploma secondary education, for example: German Arbitur (algemeine Hochschulreife), British GCE A-levels or (I) GCSE grades A, B or C, French Baccalaureat, American High School (top stream or plus 1 year’s college) or Secondary hotel school education.
  • Whoever does not have a second foreign language in their study programme can choose either German or Spanish.
  • TOEFL-test (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English  Language Test Score). TOEFL: at least 550 points paper based, at least 230 points computer based and at least 87 points internet based. IELTS: at least 6.0.

Case Study

Name: Femmy Oldenbeuving

Age: 23

Country of origin: The Netherlands

Programme: BBA in Hotel and Event Management


Femmy is project manager and organizes events all over the world. Imagine something like that happening to you. Being a graduate of Tio University and then find your absolute dream job in event management. It happened to Femmy Oldenbeuving, former Hotel and Event Management Bachelor student of Tio. Femmy works as project manager / sales executive with Incentive Europe, the largest incentive-organizer of the Netherlands. "The perfect job!"

"I organize independent trade fairs, congresses, incentives and events for large Dutch multinationals. I have many customer contacts, I make plans and expand my network at home and abroad. A nice aspect of this job is that the people in the company travel a lot! In late June I go to Malaga with one of our customers for an site visit, then on to Lisbon for a famtrip to promote the city and next there is a site inspection in Marrakech. And my colleagues have just returned from Iceland, great!"

This job exceeds Femmy’s expectations. "I organize huge events on great locations and there is so much money involved, you have no idea. For, a Swiss client e.g. I organize a big event, where all matters are scrutinized. From placing the napkins to the location where the event in held, everything is spelled out. I learn a lot from this. With other clients nothing is discussed, everything you propose is good. They trust my knowledge and expertise. "That this is not a 9 to 5 job, is not a disadvantage for her. "Events and site visitations are scheduled in the weekend, that’s all in the game. My friend is a pilot and has irregular hours too, that helps."

Femmy would like to see much of the world. This is also one of the reasons why she chose Tio. "What I really liked about Tio, is that they enable you to get your degree in a short period of time. During my job applications I heard only positive comments about Tio. It is a good thing that the requirements for students’ presence have changed, I regret having missed some of the lessons . The student company is the best Tio project. It was great to do and I learned a lot from it."