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The Cyprus Institute of Marketing

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The Cyprus Institute of Marketing (CIM) has been operating in Nicosia since 1978 and in Limassol since 1984. The Institute, which is the first Business School in the country, was set up in order to promote the science of marketing in Cyprus and abroad. During the past 34 years CIM has evolved into a major international centre for the development of marketing science, providing the opportunity to more than 5,000 students to acquire qualifications that are specifically marketing-orientated. Ever since our establishment, CIM has been a pioneer in the teaching of adult, in-career people. Offering exclusively evening classes to working individuals, we attract those who, for one reason or another, missed on the opportunity to study right after graduating from school but who have always had the will to learn and further their careers. The CIM has thus rightly been characterised as a ‘Second-Chance Institution’; as we like to say here, Learning Never Ends. Our programs are unique in that they combine theory and practice, giving students the necessary tools for securing employment or for getting promoted at their existing job. We offer high-quality education and expert training tailored according to your individual needs, be they your personal career, family or any other commitments. Our distinguished lecturers and tutors begin with an initial evaluation and then structure a learning program around your specific strengths and weaknesses, guiding you towards pre-set and pre-agreed goals. In an increasingly competitive market, the CIM offers excellent, high-quality education that combines theory and practice, helping you jumpstart or further your career. The Cyprus Institute of Marketing is the first Institution in Cyprus to enjoy Institutional Approval by two leading British Universities! The University of West London and The Cyprus Institute of Marketing are collaborative partners in the delivery of the BA (Hons) Business Studies with Marketing (3 years) and the BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance (3 years) Degree programmes. London South Bank University and The Cyprus Institute of Marketing are collaborative partners in the delivery of the MBA (Non-Experience, 15 Months FT / 30 Months PT).


The Institute operates two centres: the main campus in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, and a branch in Limassol, the island’s second largest city. In 1988, the Institute in Nicosia moved to its new, privately owned, purpose-built premises

The premises in Nicosia are located on Zannettos street, opposite the British Ambassador’s residence, in the secluded Ayios Andreas area and only a five-minute walk from the city's Municipal Theatre, the British Council, the Public Gardens, the Municipal Swimming Pool and a ten-minute walk away from the City Centre.


The premises are designed to support high-quality teaching. Classrooms are fitted with audio-visual equipment (projector and surround system), comfortable chairs, and specious desks. The computer lab is equipped with the latest PCs open for student’s use while also there is free internet facility, while there is also a lecture theatre accommodating 100 students with comfortable chairs and desks and a cafeteria.


The libraries in Nicosia and Limassol are stocked with the latest editions of all relevant books. Lending and reference facilities are available. All books are listed on computer databases for easy access to students.


Annual Tuition Fees 2011 - 2012





Marketing Studies (1 Year, Diploma)




Business English (1 Year, Diploma)



Business Administration (3 Years, B.Sc.)




Shipping (3 Years, B.Sc.)




Tourism Management (3 Years, B.Sc.)




Financial & Computer Studies (3 Years, B.Sc.)




Banking (3 Years, B.Sc.)




European Studies (3 Years, B.Sc.)




Insurance (3 Years, B.Sc.)




Corporate Management & Strategic Planning (12 months, Post-Graduate Diploma)




Business Administration (12 months, M.B.A.)




UWL BA(Hons) in Business Studies with Marketing - 3 Years




UWL BA(Hons) in Accounting & Finance - 3 years




LSBU MBA (Non-Experience, 15 Months)



Admission procedure
  1. Decide on your program
  2. Complete the appropriate Application Form
  3. Application Form should be accompanied with all credentials and application fee
  4. Send your Application to the Admissions' Office
  5. The Admissions' Office will review your application and inform you about the result within 2 weeks of receipt.
  6. If successful, the student will have to pay a 20% deposit in order for the Registration to be confirmed.
Entrance Requirements

For any BACHELOR DEGREE, the Diploma in Marketing Management (DMM), the Business English Diploma (BED) and the Diploma in Sales Management (DSM), you minimum entrance requirement is Secondary School Leaving certificate.

For students from East Africa, Hong Kong, West Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, for entry into the above programs a Higher School Certificate with grade 6 is required.

Successful completion of the First Year of our Bachelor Degree programs entitles the student to the award of the Diploma in Marketing Management (DMM).

Successful completion of the Second Year of our Bachelor Degree programs entitles the student to the award of an interim Advanced Diploma in their respective fields.

However, students can be exempted from the first year of our Bachelors Degree and enter directly into the Advanced Diploma PROVIDED they have one of the following qualifications:

(a) The CIM Diploma in Marketing Management (DMM);

(b) Holders of OND/BTEC;

(c) The Certificate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Marketing or other Professional Body;

(d) 40 transfer credits from an accredited U.S. University in relevant fields OR 60 ECTS from a European University;

(e) Equivalent Qualifications in the respective fields of the study programs.

A student can be admitted into the FINAL YEAR (3rd year of a Bachelors Degree) PROVIDED that he/she possesses:

(a) An Advanced Diploma from this Institute;

(b) HND BTEC from a relative discipline;

(c) 90 transfer credits from an accredited U.S. University OR 120 ECTS from a European University;

(d) Professional qualifications such as the Advanced Certificate in Marketing of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK), American Institute of Bankers, Chartered Institute of Bankers;

(e) Membership of the UK Institute of Certified Chartered Accountants, the Chartered Institute of Bankers, The Chartered Insurance Institute and any other award from a relevant Professional Body.

Case Study

Name: Giorgos Georgiou

Company: Chistodoulides Bros

Position: Sales and Marketing Manager

Why did you choose to enrol on the CIM programmes?

Having missed out on the chance of going to college after graduating from school, I began working as a salesperson at Christodoulides Bros. I soon realised that working in the Sales department was something I thoroughly enjoyed and felt the need to broaden my skills and enhance my career by gaining a formal education qualification. I asked around and everyone recommended studying at the CIM – and I soon came to see why!

How, if at all, did your studies help in furthering your career?

I could not have gained a promotion without my degree from the CIM. Precisely because the CIM has such a good name in the market, Christodoulides Bros offered me a promotion immediately after my graduation. My studies at the CIM and my hard work have now paid off as I am presently the Sales and Marketing Manager of the company.

At CIM you had the chance to be taught by in-career professionals. Did you find that you benefited from their expertise?

All the more! The CIM lecturers are all familiar with the subject that they teach and it was greatly helpful for me as a student that they combined excellent knowledge of the theoretical aspects of the subject with solid, practical knowledge of the market. This is what separates the CIM from other tertiary institutions on the island and what makes it so distinctly competitive.

Looking back at your time at CIM, what, if anything, do you remember most strikingly?

What I remember strikingly from my time at CIM is how demanding the course was, yet also how rewarding the whole experience was. For me, I’d urge anyone to study at the CIM because it offers the chance for high-quality education, with a combined emphasis on theory and practice, and because the course is designed in such a way as to facilitate in-career individuals.