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TASMAC London School of Business

Tel :+44 (0)208 206 0066

Website :www.tasmac.org.uk

TASMAC London School of Business offers a range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Business Degree programmes accredited by the University of Wales. Students can study for a University of Wales BA (Hons) in Management, Marketing, Finance and Information Systems or take our Full Time University of Wales MBA in the following specialization: Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Hospitality and Information Systems Management. Professional students can study for the Weekend MBA Programme from the University of Wales on a Part Time - Weekend basis.

TASMAC London is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC), graded an "A" Institution by the UK Borders Agency(Home Office) and a Member of the European Council for Business Education and Study UK.

Students study in two large modern campuses with extensive student academic and sport facilities. The Kingsbury Campus is surrounded by beautiful parks with horse riding and sailing opportunities and the Wembley Campus is in close proximity to the Wembley Stadium– the home of English football and Wembley Arena with many concerts by international stars.

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Students at TASMAC London enjoy a range of excellent facilities over two modern, beautiful campuses in North West London. The Campuses are located within 5 minutes walk from the nearest London Underground Stations: Kingsbury and Wembley Central. There are a number of green areas adjacent to the Kingsbury Campus, where students can practice for the TASMAC Cricket and Football Teams.

The Wembley Campus has 5 floors of executive space for TASMAC MBA students and is in proximity of the Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena for international football matches and concerts, and is in the heart of the Olympics 2012 site – a perfect place for students to study.

The Kingsbury Campus has 3 floors of light and modern space for Undergraduate and English Language students and benefits from beautiful surrounding green areas with a sailing club on the nearby Brent Reservoir and horse stables in Fryant Country Park behind the School.

Wembley Campus
  • 5 floors of executive space for our MBA students
  • High class, modern student classrooms
  • Light and spacious rest and study areas on each floor
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Extensive IT facilities
  • Library
  • Vibrant high street
  • In proximity of Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena for international football matches and concerts
Kingsbury Campus
  • 3 floors of light and modern space for Undergraduate and English
  • Language students
  • Modern student classrooms
  • Student rest area on the 1st floor with kitchenette facilities
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Extensive IT labs
  • Library
  • Multicultural, vibrant high street
  • Beautiful green areas surrounding the Campus
  • Sailing club on nearby Brent Reservoir and horse stables in Fryant Country Park behind the Campus


Full Time MBA Programme Fee
  • Programme Fee: £6950
  • Deposit: Full fees
  • Duration: 16 months
Weekend MBA Programme Fee
  • Programme Fee: £7950
  • Duration: 28 months
Masters Qualifying Programme (MQP) + MBA Full Time
  • Programme Fee: £ 8900 (£ 1950 towards MQP + £ 6950 towards MBA Full Time)
  • Duration: 20 months
BA(Hons) in Business Administration
  • Programme Fee: £11850 (£ 3950 per level for 3 levels)
  • Duration: 36 months
Semester Abroad
  • Programme Fee: £4175 (incl. Accommodation) & £2300 (excl. Accommodation)
  • Duration: 3 months
Bachelor Top Up Programme
  • Programme Fee: £4950 (International students) & £3300 (EU students)
  • Duration: 8 months
  • Programme Fee: £3950
  • Duration: 8 months
Living Expenses

Students should allow a minimum amount of £ 600 per month for their living expenses when applying to TASMAC London.

Most students need between £6500 and £7500 a year to cover their living and study expenses.

Merit Based Scholarships

MBA and BA Applicants

Scholarship of £ 1000 for students who meet any one of the following requirements:

  1. GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Please ask our Admissions Staff for assistance if your country does not use the GPA system of grading
  2. A GMAT score of 600 or above.
  3. Evidence of relevant work experience of over 3 years after the Bachelors degree for MBA.

MBA Applicants Only

Scholarship of £ 2000 for students who meet any two of the following requirements:

  1. GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. Please ask our Admissions Staff for assistance if your country does not use the GPA system of grading.
  2. A GMAT score of 650 or above.
  3. Evidence of relevant work experience of over 5 years after the Bachelors degree

Scholarship of £ 3000 for students who meet both the requirements:

  1. A GMAT score of 700 or GPA of 3.75 on a 4.0 scale.
  2. Evidence of relevant work experience of over 7 years after the Bachelors degree.

If you wish to apply for the Merit Based Scholarship please submit a typed essay of a minimum 300 words entitled “Scholarship Support Statement”, explaining:

  1. Why you deserve the scholarship (your academic or professional qualities and your personal circumstances)
  2. How will studying for a further business degree at TASMAC London contribute to your career?
  3. What do you have to offer to the TASMAC London student body?
Sibling and Spouse Scholarships

We are committed to rewarding the loyalty of students who have a sibling or spouse studying at TASMAC London. Applicants with a sibling who has studied or is studying at TASMAC London may be eligible for a 5% fee reduction for the duration of the course. This scholarship will be in the form of a discount, given to the student on the total fee that is payable to TASMAC London.

5% Fee waiver

Students will receive a 5% fee waiver on their tuition fees, if they make a full fee payment before commencement of the programme / at the time of registration. This fee waiver is only on tuition fees and does not apply to accommodation charges.

Terms and Conditions for all Scholarships / Fee Waivers above:

  1. Applicants must hold an unconditional offer for a BA (Hons) in Business Administration or MBA programme.
  2. For BA(Hons) students, the Merit Based Scholarship of £ 1000 if awarded, will be distributed between all 3 years with a scholarship of £ 300 to be awarded in Year 1, £ 300 in Year 2 and £ 400 in Year 3 respectively.

Please note (For all programmes):

  1. The cost of textbooks, accomodation and other relevant course materials are NOT included in the tuition fees.
  2. Where an applicant is issued a visa but fails to register in time for the programme at TASMAC London, the deposit is not refundable or transferable.
  3. Where the applicant provides evidence (original visa refusal letter from the British High Commission) that the application for the student visa was not successful, the deposit/fees received from the student will be refunded.
Refer a Friend Reward

We offer a special Refer a Friend Reward of £ 200 offered to a student for every friend that he/she refers to TASMAC London and who successfully enrolls for a Degree programme. This reward is given to the student in the form of a cheque after his/her friend enrolls at TASMAC London. One student can choose to refer any number of friends who may be interested in a programme at TASMAC London. However, the decision on whether a friend was an actual and fair referral by a student or not, is at the discretion of TASMAC London, based on the Refer a Friend Form being attached with the Application Form. A student who refers his/her Spouse or Sibling will not receive a Refer a Friend Reward as the spouse/ sibling will receive the Sibling / Spouse scholarship.


Please access the application form from the TASMAC website.


Please note that it will not be possible to process applications which are not completed in full. Be certain to include postal, phone, and e-mail contact information. Also, let us know whether you need accommodation assistance. It is strongly recommended that students should have access to the Internet and an e-mail address during the application process. 

Stage 1: Application

Send the completed application form and supporting documentation (as indicated below) to the admissions office by e-mail, fax or paper copy. The following documents will need to be submitted along with the filled in application form: 

  1. Academic Records: Notarized copies of statement of marks, academic transcripts, degree certificates, professional qualifications, etc. Documents not in English will need to be translated and notarized.
  2. Evidence of Work experience (if any): While work experience is not a compulsory requirement for our MBA, if students do have any work experience it will help their application. If they have work experience, they must submit the following:
    • An updated CV and 
    • Evidence of work experience in the form of a letter from the company they worked at which reflect dates on the job and the responsibilities.
  3. A Reference letter from your last academic institution attended. In case you have work experience and submit the work experience letter mentioned above, then that itself serves as a reference letter and they do not have to get a reference from their academic institution. If they do not have work experience, then they must submit 1 Notarized copy of reference/ recommendation letter from the last academic institution attended.
  4. A photocopy of your passport.
  5. 2 recent passport sized photographs. (if available)
Stage 2: Interview with the Admissions Staff

Once the application is received complete with all documents and if you are found to be eligible for the programme applied for, a telephonic interview of yours will be conducted by an Admissions Staff member from the school.

Stage 3: Acceptance

If the telephonic interview is successful an acceptance letter along with a fee payment plan will be sent within 3-4 working days to you by email. It will be sent to you if you have applied directly, or it will be delivered to the TASMAC Admissions Partner through whom you may have applied.

Stage 4: Deposit

MBA students are required to pay their full fees and BA students will need to pay £4000 deposit. For other programmes please refer to our website:


If you are an international student and require a student visa to enter or remain in the UK, at this stage, along with the deposit, you must submit to us a bank statement/ bank letter showing sufficient funds to cover their living expenses for the first 9 months of study and the signed copy of fee payment plan (received along with our offer letter by the student). The Home Office required amount for living expenses in our borough/ location in London is a minimum of £5400 for the first 9 months of study at the rate of £ 600 per month. If the students bank account has more funds available than the above, it will make the visa application stronger.

With the recent visa changes, sponsor accounts are no longer acceptable. Shares, bonds, pension funds and similar savings accounts will not be accepted. Your money must be held in:

  • a bank account in your name (this includes joint accounts with your name as one of the signatories); or
  • a bank account in your parents name (this relationship will have to be proven by Birth certificate for example) or
  • a loan in your name; or
  • official financial or government sponsorship
Stage 5: Housing Applications

Students who need assistance with their accommodation must fill in and send the TASMAC Housing form at least 4 weeks before arriving in London. This form can be submitted either in physical copy or online -on the link. http://www.tasmac.org.uk/housing-application-form.html 

Stage 6: CAS Statement  for international students

Once the deposit / full fees and bank statement / letter as mentioned above are both received by TASMAC London, your place will be held for the programme in the intake applied for. In case of International students, a CAS number will be issued at this point.

Stage 7: Visa application

International students are then expected to apply for a student visa at the British Deputy High Commission office in the home country. Information on Student visas can be obtained from (www.ukvisas.gov.uk). 

Stage 8: Information to TASMAC on visa acceptance

Once the visa is issued, the student is required to confirm this to TASMAC London. In the event of a visa refusal, only on receipt of the original visa refusal letter from the British High Commission, TASMAC London will refund the deposit / fees paid by the student without any deductions.

Case Study

Name: Jochen Mueller   

Age: 28

Country of origin: Germany

Programme: MBA


After several years of work experience in the sales and marketing sector in Germany Jochen Mueller chose to move to London in order to start the Master of Business Administration at TASMAC London School of Business.

Why did you choose TASMAC?

I chose TASMAC due to several reasons. First I know that I like the personal, dynamic vibe of business schools in contrast to the anonymous atmosphere at big universities. Secondly students at TASMAC get an internationally recognised degree, as TASMAC programmes are accredited by the University of Wales, UKs second largest university. Thirdly – hey, I am in London, one of the most dynamic places to be! I always knew that London is one of my favourite cities in Europe. The city influences many global business sectors and the entertainment and night life here is in a variety you can hardly find anywhere else.

So I think this experience will helped me grow both professionally and personally.