Spokane Community College (SCC)

Spokane Community College (SCC)

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Website :www.spokanefalls.edu

Spokane Community College (SCC) is a public, co-educational two-year institution located in the City of Spokane, State of Washington. SCC is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities, and offers Associate of Arts (A.A.-Transfer) degrees, as well as Associate of Science Transfer and Associate of Applied Sciences degrees, and more than 60 different categories of Certificate programs. The campus of SCC is large, and “university-like”, with over 25 buildings. International students have full use of all campus facilities, including Fitness Center, Library and Media Center, Recreation Center, and all the clubs and associations offered through the Associated Students. Plus free use of over 1300 computers on campus.

Most of the students at SCC earn the A.A. Transfer degree, and then complete their baccalaureate degree (B.A. or B.S.) at one of the many universities in the Spokane area. SCC has special “Dual Enrollment” agreements with universities to guarantee student transfers, with NO Toefl. Transfer scholarships are available for students with good grades. And we also offer a 2+2+1 program that leads to an M.B.A. There are so many educational options to choose from, and our staff will help international students to create their own unique pathway.

SCC has a very strong intensive English language program: the Spokane College of English Language. This program gives students a solid English foundation that guarantees the students will succeed in their later academic programs.

One of the best features of SCC is our International HomeStay Program. We very carefully match the specific interests and requirements of international students with our available host families. We take great care to make appropriate placements, and the program is a great success.

After a student’s degree is earned, SCC also helps students with their One Year Work authorization. This allows students to work anywhere in the United States for up to one year. It is a great way to develop even stronger English, and also build solid professional credentials.

The City of Spokane is a great place to live and study. Clean, green and friendly. Transporation is easy, and the people in Spokane are very welcoming to international students. The mottoe of the City of Spokane is “Near Nature – Near Perfect”, and Spokane offers a beautiful setting.


Spokane Community College is located on a beautiful, park-like campus in the City of Spokane. Over 25 buildings make up the campus, and facilities include a complete library and media center, Sports and Fitness Complex, Student Union Building, on-campus dental and medical clinic, transportation hub, and over 1300 computers that are free for student use.

The Student Union Building (the “Lair”) includes a full cafeteria, bookstore, bowling alley, and recreation center. Over 30 student clubs are available to international students.

SCC has ~6000 students, of whom 100 are international students. Our international students have a great opportunity to meet American students, and to practise their English each day on a friendly and supportive campus.

The International Programs Office provides all the student services required for international students, and our office is located in a central location on campus.


Average tuition: $2500 per term (12 week terms)

Average housing and meals: $1500 per term

Books, fees, medical insurance etc: $800 per term

One year of study = 3 terms = 36 weeks (9 months)

The average cost for one year of study (all inclusive) is ~$15,000


Admission to our college is granted when the following are received:

  • Completed international student application, with the $40 application fee. Proof of high school graduation.
  • A financial document confirming that the student can meet expenses for the first year of study.
  • No TOEFL score is required. No minimum academic grades are required. No application deadlines.

Case Study

Name: Oscar Ocana

Country of origin: Mexico

Programme: English Language


Oscar Ocana is a citizen of Mexico, and joined our college three years ago. After studying in our english language program for three terms (9 months), Oscar began his academic career with a goal of earning his Bachelor’s Degree. While studying, Oscar became interested in Student Government.

Over the course of his two years in academic study, Oscar participated in many Student Government activities, and in his second year of his academic program, Oscar was elected President of the Student Government association.

Oscar is the first international student to be elected President in the history of the college, and we are all exceptionally proud of his achievements. Oscar has been admitted to Eastern Washington University, where he will continue working on his B.A. in Business Administration, and perhaps an MBA.

Oscar has temporarily interrupted his academic study to accept an administrative position with Spokane Community College as Director of the Egyptian Initiative – a U.S. State Department program that provides one year study programs for deserving Egyptian students. We are pleased to have Oscar as part of our team.