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SQA’s Customised Awards allow you to develop qualifications that are tailored to your needs. This is ideal if you’re in a highly specialised business, or you’re operating in a unique market where existing qualifications don’t quite meet your requirements.

They will guide you through the development of the qualification. You will work with them to develop your own assessment material.

Candidates will receive commemorative certificates bearing your organisation’s logo and signature. Customised Awards can also be Credit Rated on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF), formally recognising the level and credit points of the qualification.

Customised Awards can help you to increase skills levels in your workforce. Because they’re competence based, they also allow you to demonstrate that your people are competent and can do everything your customers will ask of them. They can help formalise procedures, strengthen employee confidence, strengthen relationships between candidates and management, and provide a positive experience and formal recognition.

Services to suit you

If you have specialist skills or have your own in house training programme that would benefit from third party recognition, then they are there to help.

They are an internationally recognised awarding body and trusted to assure the quality of training so your business will benefit from recognising the learning your people require. Customised Awards can help recognise unique expertise too, and fulfil regulatory compliance. Awards can also be designed to recognise in-house training.

Customised Awards are unique to you and owned by your company.

They create partnerships with institutions, also known as SQA Progression Partnerships:

SQA has partnered with a select range of highly respected institutions across the globe.  They want to partner with institutions who can provide a quality learning experience for HND students progressing from diploma to degree.  

SQA Progression Partners are higher education institutions who recognise the SQA HND and allow students to apply directly to the second and/or third year of their relevant degree programmes.

Becoming an SQA Progression Partner will help you recruit students from International SQA centres located around the world. SQA currently deliver HNDs in a diverse range of countries and their international footprint is growing steadily.

They will provide you with all the information you will need to make the decision that the SQA HND meets your requirements for advanced entry to the relevant degree programmes. SQA has rigorous approval and quality assurance procedures meaning their qualifications can be trusted wherever in the world they are delivered.

SQA is an International accreditation and awarding body accountable to the Scottish Government, and sits at the heart of Scotland’s world-renowned education system.