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Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) is an international institution of higher education situated in Northern Europe. Every year it admits a large number of creative and talented young people.

Receptive to change, promoting intellectually stimulating studies and focused on consistent research activities, Mykolas Romeris University contributes to the development of a well-rounded personality: a mature, enterprising and independent future leader and a responsible citizen.

The University has about 21,000 students who stand out as highly motivated and enthusiastic about their chosen field of studies. The study programmes are continuously renewed and updated, responding to the needs of society and providing young people with knowledge and skills necessary to build a successful career.

Mykolas Romeris University promotes internationalization and is proud of its participation in research on European and International levels. The University actively cooperates with international organizations, encourages students’ and lecturers’ mobility, takes part in international research projects, as well as implements and creates joint study programmes, enabling students to acquire double or triple degrees. University students, lecturers and research staff have become part of a uniform international studies and research system, where all partners strive to deliver success.

Mykolas Romeris University encourages a dialogue between individuals, who value different viewpoints and treat each other with respect. Undoubtedly, such an environment contributes to everyone’s intellectual development and well-being.

Mykolas Romeris University offers study programmes in a wide range of Faculties: Economics and Finance Management, Politics and Management, Social Informatics, Social Policy, Law, Public Security, and the Institute of Humanities.

The University offers study programmes in Lithuanian and English languages. There is also a possibility to choose electives from almost 200 subjects in English, French, Italian and other languages.

Joint study programmes, usually prepared by different countries and at least two institutions of higher education, create excellent conditions for student mobility. Most of the studies, for such programmes, takes place in Lithuania, and a part – abroad. The programmes provide students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with another country’s culture, to understand social and economic differences, and to network with lecturers and students from all over the world. Gaining international experience increases the success of MRU graduates, when building their professional career.

A wide University partner network throughout the world provides students with many opportunities. About 500 University students each year participate in international exchanges (studies or internships) with Erasmus, Nordplus or other University exchange programmes.


Mykolas Romeris University infrastructure was recognized as the best among all Lithuanian universities. The new Central building, with modern classrooms, libraries and student cafeterias, is surrounded by a park, where students can take a rest or hangout with classmates.

The University has a contemporary and modern Library. It makes available printed publications, as well as provides access to numerous databases and other information resources, analyses users’ information needs and renders appropriate services for University students, doctoral students, research and teaching staff, as well as other University community members. The library is accessible 24-hours a day.

There’s free Wireless Internet access throughout the University campus. Also, information stands are here for searching the university’s intranet and computers in the library. There’s also an interactive campus map at the main entrances to the University building and an interactive study calendar next to the dining hall. The University’s mobile app for smart phones and tablet PC is available for download from Google play or iTunes. It offers MRU news, information about events, a map, a study calendar and contacts.

Mykolas Romeris University offers accommodation at the Student House – a twelve-floor modern building, just 5 minutes away by foot from the main University building. A place in a double room costs 58 EUR/per month.

Breakfast and lunch are available in 2 cafeterias, or in the dining room, located in the main building of the University and at the Student’s House Cafeteria. It offers hot and cold meals, and traditional Lithuanian dishes at the lowest prices in Vilnius (you can have a meal for 2 – 4 EUR).

All students can use the University gym and sport halls. Students can take part in various sports, including different kinds of ball games and martial arts and use two fitness rooms, two basketball halls and a table-tennis room.


Tuition Fees for One Academic Year, Depending on Chosen Study Programme:

Bachelor’s Degree Study Programmes:

For NON-EU citizens from 1740 EUR to 1800 EUR;
EU citizens from 1130 EUR to 1560 EUR.

Master’s Degree Study Programmes:

NON-EU citizens from 2640 EUR to 2760 EUR;
EU citizens from 1670 EUR to 2050 EUR.

Accommodation at University’s Students House:

58 EUR per month for a place in a double room.

Breakfast and Lunch on Campus:

Hot and cold meals, traditional Lithuanian dishes for 2 – 4 EUR.

Overall expenses per month depending on the life style: 290 – 350 EUR.


Application Procedure
  • Fill out the Application Form (download from, or order at;
  • Add a notarized copy of documents proving results of the English language (IELTS or TOEFL) proficiency or pass the exam organized by the University;
  • Graduate students must submit notarized copies, confirmed by government institutions, of university transcripts and diploma (a candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent first university degree with a minimum 3-year study duration);
  • Undergraduate students must submit notarized copies, confirmed by government institutions, of secondary education or a high-school education diploma;
  • Submit a certificate of university (school) transcript and diploma evaluation in Lithuania (apply to the Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education, A. GoŇ°tauto str. 12, LT-01108 Vilnius, Lithuania); for more information please check;
  • Submit three photos;
  • Submit a copy of passport or ID card;
  • Submit a certificate from a bank and notarized letter of guarantee from parents/sponsors along with a document about their financial abilities;
  • Submit a bank transfer confirmation of the application fee of 100 EUR addressed to Mykolas Romeris University (non-refundable).

All documents must be translated into the Lithuanian or English language.

Only applicants who have submitted all the required documents will be considered for acceptance to the University.

Application documents must be sent by post addressed to: Mykolas Romeris University, International Admissions (Ateities st. 20, LT-08303 Vilnius, Lithuania; ). Please refer to the University‘s webpage for more information, specific requirements for certain programmes and application deadlines.

Case Study

Name: Burak Aydin

Country of origin: Turkey

Age: 25 years old

Programme: MA E-Business Management


“I chose E-Business Management programme to gain profound knowledge and practical skills. I was lucky to be one of the pioneer students of this programme started in English and now successfully running for the third year. I made many friends with MRU's foreign and Lithuanian students, many of them studying at MRU for a semester from various European countries through the ERASMUS programme. I learned a lot and the people that I met were very valuable - from friendly citizens to helpful teachers. I enjoyed being in Lithuania.

The fact is that e-business in most of the countries is a growing sphere and this market will need even more specialists in the upcoming years. So this programme is a good way to become a valuable asset in a newly formed market, anticipating interesting job and high salary opportunities.

MRU welcomed me with very modern built blocks, high tech lecture halls and with competent instructors and professors. Actually I didn't expect I would find as good a University as this and as good and knowledgeable lecturers as they are at MRU. The innovative culture of University feedback the students with the maximum benefit. I am totally glad I chose to study my Master’s Degree here and was pleased to live in cosy Vilnius.

During studies I also used the chance to go abroad on an Erasmus internship scholarship and gain especially useful international field practice in Italy, which was a high advantage while searching for the job.

Important to note that MRU's campus is also convenient as everything is located nearby with no need to travel across the town. My dorm was 5-minutes away from lecture halls and canteen (also there was a canteen inside the dorm which was providing very tasty dishes for reasonable price). I could study even until 5 a.m. in the Library - I enjoyed the fact that MRU's Library is open late at night, so students can check out books, study and read.

After very successful defense of my Master’s Thesis (I dealt with Online Consumer Behavior Issues with a focus on Turkey) I was hired by IBM Center of Services Bratislava, Slovakia, and now enjoying dynamic and exciting work. I have plenty of things to learn, but the given background facilitates my educations and trainings.

I wish good luck to every new student for this Master Programme and thank for the University for this great opportunity.”