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Mendel University in Brno (MENDELU) was established in 1919 and presently has five faculties and one institute: Faculty of AgriSciences, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of Horticulture, Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies and Institute of Lifelong Learning. At the moment, there are about 11,000 students studying at all the five faculties, of which 1,000 are exchange students.

MENDELU operates the University Farm in Žabčice and the Forest Training Centre in Krtiny in order to train students, conduct research and verify theoretical knowledge in practice. Both the botanical garden and the arboretum frequently serve teaching purposes. In 2011, the establishment of an independent university institute CEITEC MENDELU within the Faculty of AgriSciences incorporated the University into an international scientific centre of excellence, the Central European Institute of Technology. Moreover, MENDELU can boast the Department of Information Technology and the Institute for Scientific Information.

The University offers 4 Bachelor’s, 6 Master’s and 12 Doctoral degree programmes in English and over 250 courses in English in different fields of study. It has adopted the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Facts about MENDELU

o   The oldest public university in its field in the Czech Republic.

o   Located in Brno, the second biggest city in the Czech Republic, the heart of Europe.

o   An almost one-hundred-years-long tradition of teaching.

o   Family atmosphere

o   All you need for study as well as for your free-time activities located at the main campus in Brno.

o   Unique campus in Lednice – the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

o   Wide selection of practically-oriented degree programmes (from information technology to horticulture, from European forestry to international territorial studies and ecology).

o   Teachers from different countries and possibility to study abroad including in developing countries.

o   About 11 000 students, of which 1 000 are exchange students.

o   More than 300 partner universities abroad.

o   Internal grant agency supporting students’ participation in science and research.

o   Practical training at our own workplaces.

o   Psychological and Career Counselling at Lifelong Learning Institute.

o   International Students Club helps to incoming students.

o   Low cost, high quality.


Mendel University in Brno offers modern study environments with well-equipped teaching facilities. In the main campus sorrounded by the arboretum, you can find everything you need. There is an extensive library and reading rooms, computer rooms, International Students Club, Counselling Centre, students canteens, laboratories.

Regarding the laboratories and specialized facilities, you can find there Laboratory of Virtual Reality, Laboratory of Intelligent Systems, food technology pavilion, experimental breweries, Testing Room of Furniture etc.

Social events and sport courses are organized for international students all year round. There is also International Summer School organized every year.

Accomodation facilities

Mendel University in Brno offers accommodation in the university halls of residence in 1 to 4-bed rooms. There are 588 beds located directly on campus, while the others can be reached within 15 minutes by public transport. In the Lednice campus, there are 304 beds for students available.

Catering facilities

MENDELU Dormitories and Catering Centre offers a wide selection of freshly made meals in 6 dining facilities. There are the canteen in building X and the Staff Canteen and pizzeria and the Lounge in building O in the campus, the canteen and the cafe in the premises of JAC dormitory, the canteen Z in the premises of the Academy dormitory and the canteen in Lednice.

Sporting facilities and a gym

Sports Activities Centre MENDELU offers more than 40 sport courses, ski and cycling courses, sports summer courses (canoeing), etc.

Detached Facilities

University Farm in Žabčice, University Forest Training Centre in Křtiny, Lednice Chateau, Hrášek Nursery and more.


Study programmes - examples:

·         Agrobiology 2,940 EUR/year

·         System Engineering and Informatics 2,270 EUR/year

·         Regional Development 1,737 EUR/year

·         Landscape Engineering 2,270 EUR/year

·         Horticulture Engineering 2,940 EUR/year

Administrative fee for the admission procedure: 17-20 EUR

Basic living expenses are approx. 320 - 600 EUR/month (it depends on the individual student´s lifestyle) including accommodation, food, transport and entertainment. The rent is approx. 100 (halls of residence) – 240 (private housing) EUR/month.


Step 1:

Fill in the online application form at and enclose your CV.

Step 2:

Select a faculty where you would like to study on the website . You will find all the necessary information for the admission procedure on the faculty website. Follow the instructions. If you have any questions or problems, contact the responsible people at individual faculties or contact us at

Visa, residence and permit:

More information you can find at

Deadlines for submitting applications:

It is possible to submit an application throughout the whole year depending on the faculty and your individual study programme. Do not forget that it always takes 3 months to obtain all the necessary documents – therefore all applications for the autumn semester must be submitted by the end of May!