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Kyung Hee University was founded in 1949 by Dr. Young Seek Choue, whose founding philosophy was “Toward a New Civilization.” The University celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2009. Kyung Hee University has established an academic tradition that combines education, research, and practice while pursuing the universal values of peace and mutual prosperity. Since its foundation, Kyung Hee University has spearheaded the Global Common Society Movement, established the International Association of University Presidents and the United Nations International Day of Peace, received the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education, organized the 1999 Seoul International Conference of NGOs, held the World Civic Forum 2009, and held the UNAI-Kyung Hee International Symposium 2011. Moving toward the betterment of future civilization, the university will further strengthen its status as one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Facts & Figures (2011):
  • 3 campuses in Seoul, Suwon(Global), and Gwangneung
  • 24 colleges, 71 department & majors, 65 Masters’, Doctoral programs and 18 professional & special graduate schools and 43 auxiliary research institutions
  • 30,000 undergraduate & graduate students and 2,976 full-time professors
  • Kyung Hee University Medical Center, the world’s only institution that combines Western and Oriental medicine
  • Credit transfer and student exchange with 434 partner universities representing 69 countries


Students’ facilities on campus: Central Library, Computer laboratories, Sports center, Cafeteria, Campus clinic, Bank, Post office, One-stop service center, etc


The tuition of Undergraduate Program for 2011 listed below has not been finalized and may be subject to change.




Admission Fee


College of Humanities

College of Politics and Economics

College of Business Administration College of Hotel & Tourism Management

KRW 3,227,000

KRW 935,000

College of Sciences

College of Human Ecology

College of Nursing Science



College of International Studies

College of Foreign Language and Literatures

KRW 3,227,000

College of Physical Education

KRW 4,236,000

College of Engineering

College of Electronics and Information College of Applied Science

College of Life Sciences

College of Art and Design

KRW 4,400,000

The tuition of Korean Language Program
  • Regular Course (10 weeks): KRW 1,600,000
  • Short-term Intensive Course (3 weeks): KRW 951,000

Estimate for 1 year living expenses: monthly KRW500,000 * 12 months = KRW6,000,000


The dormitory fee for 2011 listed below has not been finalized and may be subject to change.





(4 months)

Room Type


Seoul Campus


On campus

KRW 890,000


4 months dormitory fee paid prior to entering

No cooking facilities

I-House I

I-House II
I-House IV

Off campus

KRW 1,010,000 ~ 1,250,000


4 months dormitory fee paid prior to entering

Cooking facilities available

Global Campus


On campus

KRW 1,540,000


4 months dormitory fee paid prior to entering

90 meal coupons included

No cooking facilities

KRW 1,164,000


Dormitory II

On campus



4 months dormitory fee paid prior to entering

90 meal coupons included

No cooking facilities


For Undergraduate Program:


  • Applicant and both parents must be non-Korean citizens
  • Applicant must have completed primary and secondary education at the time of application

Application inform: /

For Graduate Program:


  • Applicant and both parents must be non-Korean citizens
  • Master’s Degree/ Combined MasterㆍDoctorate Degree: Applicant must have a Bachelor's degree or in the final semester of the above degree program
  • Doctorate Degree: Applicant must have a Master’s degrees or in the final semester of the above degree program

Application infom /

For Korean Language Program:


  • Foreigners or overseas Koreans who are over 18 years old

Application info:

Case Study

Name: Akhmedov Armigon

Country of origin: Uzbekistan

Age: 27

Programme: Masters in Hotel Management


In order to write this case study I had to go seven years back to analyze my student life in Korea. I was just a boy who was looking forward to the start of the new spring semester at Korean university when I first arrived at Incheon Airport in 2005. My Korean was quite good and I thought I knew enough about Korean people and their culture. After a week of living and studying I had to admit that I had been overconfident and had a lot of room for improvement.

Our life truly depends on choices that we make. Making the right or wrong choices can change our lives completely for better or worse. It is not easy as it seems to choose the right university to study abroad. For obvious reasons, students are seduced by the prospect of living in a different country, enjoying themselves instead of studying and maybe even earning money while they are abroad.

Thinking about my choice to come and study at Kyung Hee University, I am hundred percent confident and proud to say that it was one of the right choices I made in my entire life. Kyung Hee University is not only one of the best universities in Korea but also overseas. It is cosmopolitan. You can see a lot of foreign students around the campus. Hear English, French, Japanese, Chinese and Russian speeches at university cafeterias. Studying abroad can be a great burden to students’ parents. University has a strong student support program and scholarship system.

I was lucky to get university president’s full scholarship for two years, get into a graduate school of Hotel and Tourism management which is very prestigious. The school has an excellent curriculum and teaching staff. Professors take personal interest in guiding and developing future careers for the students. Graduate school offers a variety of courses that are taught in Korean and English. It’s very helpful students can improve not only one language but two at the same time. There are also lots of cooperation programs with famous foreign universities and internship programs.

As Michael Altshuler once said; “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you are the pilot.” We need to use our time carefully. Time that I spent living in Korea and studying at Kyung Hee is very precious to me. Because of this experience I am confident to go and work successfully anywhere. It changed not only me, but also my view about life and its values. Be the pilot of your life and make a smart choice.