Klaipeda State College

Klaipeda State College

Tel :+370 46 314925

Website :www.kvk.lt

Klaipeda State College was founded after the merger of Klaipeda College and the Klaipeda Business and Technology College in September 2009 and now is the is the third-largest college in Lithuania with strong academic reputation. The initial target of the College is an ensuring of high quality of academic teaching and research facilities. It has a highly trained academic staff many of whom are reputed as experts on their research area.

The graduates of the College gain professional Bachelor degree (6 – 7 semesters). The studies are practice oriented; students are able to apply their knowledge in a real working environment.

A College is ternary – consists of three faculties: Social Sciences, Technologies and Health Sciences. A variety of scientific research as well as different projects and consulting activities are executed here. Also plenty of contracted research on a ground of technologies, biomedicine, physical, social, humanitarian, arts are administrated.

There are four business practical learning enterprises (BPLE) in a College where an activity of Business Company can be simulated. While working in practical training firms, students try to solve problems, which arise during their work independently, to implement their ideas and pans as well as to gain practical experience of working in a business enterprise. 

The College is equipped with modern laboratories, libraries and other fitment.

College has International Relations Department and Project Centre which represents the College in various fields of international affairs, organizes student, teachers and staff mobility, and collaborates with number of educational institutions in different countries. It has an Erasmus Charter (EUC) and is an active participant in the Life Long Learning Programme (e.g. Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Comenius etc).

Klaipeda State College is a modern College which creates and spreads knowledge cherishes human moral values, culture and traditions.


Klaipeda State College has five dormitories around the city with canteens for students and teachers. Every faculty has its own computer laboratories and libraries oriented to the programmes provided material. The College community is involved in lots of sports activities as college has the swimming pool, sports hall, sports club “Sea” with new equipment. The students can join the theatre “Kite” and show their artistic skills on a stage.

Furthermore College students have a student union for artistic self-expression; union members organize events for students, cherish the affairs, and take care of student social life. College has a Student Council which is a non-profit seeking organization that has a status of a legal body, own management. Council helps to solve student’s problems and questions, participates in community meetings, and maintains the relationship with other colleges and universities. It is also a member of Lithuanian student Council. 2009 College has developed and established Alumni Club which gathers together all college community: graduates, teachers, collegiate members. The primal cause alumni club was established is maintain connection with graduates, share experience, academic knowledge, improve the quality of the studies and activities taken in the College.

Club organizes conferences, meetings, discussions, initiates supports, scholarships and other actions in order to promote the activity of the former organization. Alumni clubs unites into nets inside and outside the country all around the world. The College together with Klaipeda University belongs to the International Exchange Erasmus student Network (IESN) and has established the local ESN organization in Klaipeda. International Relations Department represents Erasmus student network, initiates and leads the “Erasmus Buddy team” action. Media Port Centre is active participant in every celebration or event held in the College.

Centre specialists create, update and spread all necessary information about the life of the College community. Together with students participates in different kind of projects, records annual events, celebrations.


Studies last from three to three and a half year and the annual fee varies from 3 500 Lt to 5000 Lt. Development of the course and programme for foreign students depends on the personal case. College also gives priority to joint programmes.

The accommodation fee for living in College dormitory is 200 Lt (60 EUR). Standard of living is relatively cheap in Klaipeda compared to other cities of Europe. Rent of an average one-roomed flat costs about 70 EUR (it depends on location).

Day meal at College cafĂ© – from 5 Lt (about 1,4 EUR).  Lunch at restaurant – about 10 EUR.


Student has to contact the College representatives by the e-mail and address given below. If student already studies, he has to apply to his College or University International Relations Department for further details.

Case Study

Name: Joshi Khajendra

Country of origin: Cyprus (The Philips College)

Programme: BA in Nursing (practiced in Klaipeda State College)


During my studies in the Philips College I felt the lack of practical experience and started searching for the possibilities to improve it abroad. I didn’t particularly want so stay in the city I lived and studied, so I started searching; looking at various universities and colleges and speaking to numerous people I found the solution by choosing Klaipeda State College as it was based under the strong partnership between colleges for several years.

Those several months were spent thoughtfully, with active participation in daily work solving problems, helping people, assisting nurses in Klaipeda University Hospital. It was incredibly hard work and it was difficult at times but I learnt a lot, not just about the nursing but about myself and also living and working with people from other countries and cultures. I am very glad I did it and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. Now I can find more colours inside of me which widened my point of view in general and in a field of my studies.

I know that at the moment a contract for nursing joint programme are going to be signed and the students of the Philips College will be able to get the diploma (bachelor degree) in Klaipeda State College. My recommendations would be – go and get it!