KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

Tel :+45 4646 0420


KEA is a new school situated in the heart of Copenhagen, offering over 30 business-oriented programmes and further education. KEA also provides a number of other activities and projects.

The activities are spread out on four units, in which a speciality is shared. The units are Media/IT, Design/Business, Building/Production and Leadership/Management. Within each unit, a professional or technical community is shared. This ensures a high level of speciality as the programmes in each unit present many perspectives of the same line.

At KEA Media/IT, student can qualify within digital media in an innovative environment – some programmes have a technical focus, while others attach importance to visual design. Media/IT is divided into many programmes:

  • Academy Profession Degree Programme in Multimedia Design and Communication
  • Academy Profession Degree Programme in Computer Science
  • Academy Profession Degree Programme in IT Engineer
  • Bachelor’s Degree Programme in E-Concept Development
  • Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Web Development
  • Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Software Developer
  • Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Economics and IT

KEA Design/Business is for those who cannot help being creative and wish to work within fashion of life styles. The programmes are about transforming ideas and demands into sustainable designs in a commercial context. The students can choose from the following programmes:

  • Academy Profession Degree Programme in Design Technologist
  • Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Design/Business
  • Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Jewellery, Technology and Business

At KEA Building/Production, the focus is on many tasks within the construction industry, as well as the production of products. During the study, the student will learn to take part in the creation of small, as well as large constructions. The students can attend our Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Architectural Technology and Construction Management.


Our institution provides new and modern facilities, in order to create the perfect study environment for our students. The students have the possibility to borrow equipment from the school for making their projects, which consist of HD video cameras, still cameras, microphones, monopods, tripods, iPads etc. Also, at the beginning of the education, the student can buy a laptop from the school, which is prepared with the highest specifications, in order to run smoothly all the programs required for completing the assignments.

KEA offers canteen, bar and café for the students, so we help them to get to know each other and integrate easier in a new country and in a multicultural school. Also, the Tutor Team is around to help their fellow students with projects and also, to offer them a cup of coffee from the Chill Out Café. They are also collaborating with the Study Counselling, for helping the students with personal problems. The Friday Bar Team is taking care of our bar, organizing there the best parties, at the end of a busy week.


The tuition fee for Nordic/EU/EEA citizens is free of charge.

For non-EU/non-EEA citizens:

  • Multimedia Design and Communication - €5400/semester
  • Computer Science - €5400/semester
  • IT Engineer - €6150/semester
  • E-Concept Development - €5400/semester
  • Web Development - €5400/semester
  • Software Developer - €5400/semester
  • BA in Economics and IT - €4100/semester
  • BA in Architectural Technology and Construction Management - €6670/semester
  • Design Technologist - €12400 for the first year, €10850 for the second year
  • BA in Design & Business - €12400 for the first year, €4650 for the third semester


For the admission, all the applicants must have an education equivalent to a Danish upper secondary education or relevant vocational education. The student must send copies of all documentation – grades, exams and vocational exams. The student must fill out an Application Form and a Priority Form.

Students are required English at a high level

  • Non-EU/non-EEA citizens: An IELTS test with a score of at least 6.0 – or a similar English test
  • EU/EEA citizens: English at Danish level C

The application forms can be found on the KEA website – - or on