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İzmir University of Economics

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The vision of the İzmir University of Economics is to be a higher education institution by providing world-class education, offering training and research facilities to the students so as to deliver high quality services to national and international communities and to display life-long leadership qualities. IUE offers programs in an extensive variety of academic units and departments, following the latest trends in technology business, politics, social sciences, fine arts, and quantitative studies.  The first academic year of the University has started in 2001 IUE has currently 5 faculties, 23 departments with a total of 6100 students. The full list of academic programs can be found in the next section

IUE keeps growing by adding new departments each year in order to meet the high demands of prospective students. The medium of instruction at IUE is English. Freshmen of all departments receive notebook computers at registration. Social clubs are formed as part of the extracurricular activities.  Many other support services are provided with the students and the faculty such as career planning, research centers and project opportunities. 


Buildings and Classrooms

The campus of IUE is located in the Balçova-Teleferik district, near the city center.  All classrooms are equipped with the latest visual and technological equipments.


The Dormitory of IUE accommodates 480 students, the first 4 floors of the building are allocated for female students and the other 4 floors are allocated for male students Library IUE has a computer based library and a documentation center.  The library consists of printed books and periodicals and electronic information resources such as search tools, electronic journals, online databases and online library catalogue.

Computer Facilities

The information systems of the university have the capacity to follow the latest developments. The university building was designed to allow wireless Internet access from all parts of the building including the library, classrooms, cafeteria, restaurant and dormitories.


Program fees

For undergraduate programs (4 years), tuition fee is $7,850 (US Dollars) (Including
VAT). The tuition fee is the same for English Preparatory School Students.

Vocational School "SQA-The Scottish Qualifications Authority" joint
associate degree program $7,850 (US Dollars) (Including VAT).

Dual Diploma students pay the tuition fee of the semesters they spend in
our university to IUE, they pay the tuition fee of the semesters they
spend abroad to the related university.

2009 - 2010 dormitory fees: Per capita in double room is $4,500 (US
Dollars) (VAT included-Annual).

Application Fee

$100 is required when applying.


Who can apply?    

Graduates of high schools or equivalent schools validated by Turkey.

Who can not apply?

Nationals of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), or students who have dual Turkish and TRNC nationality cannot apply as international students.

Examinations and required grades

At least 40 standard points in YÖS 2008 and YÖS 2009 (The Examination for Foreign Students for Higher Education Programs in Turkey, or

  • In SAT, a total score of at least 1000 or,
  • In the ACT examination, a total score of 21 or,
  • In the ABITUR examination, at least 4 points or,
  • An International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma with a diploma score of at least 26 or,
  • In the Tawjihi examinations given in Jordan and Palestine, a minimum average of 85 points in all courses in the Scientific Stream.
  • In the Baccalaureate Libanais examinations given in Lebanon, a diploma score of at least 13
  • In the GCE (General Certificate Education) at least three A levels one of which is in the subject of the program.
  • International Science Olympiads: a gold, silver or bronze medal from one of these olympiads that are recognized by Scientific and Technical Research Council of the Turkish Republic (TUBITAK)
  • For more information please visit: http://oim.iue.edu.tr/en/?page_id=16
  • University Entrance Examination in China (Gaokao) : a score of 520 (out of 750) from the stream related to the program being applied to.
  • Al-Shahada-Al-Thanawiyya   
  • (Baccalaureate) (for students from Syria) : a score of 180 (out of 240) from Scientific Stream
  • To have Matura document.
  • A French Baccalaureate diploma with a diploma score of at least 12.
Information about YÖS

YÖS is administered by ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Centre). This exam is given to foreign students who wish to receive education at higher education institutions in Turkey.

Students who are successful in this exam may apply to higher education institutions in Turkey.

Candidates should obtain their application forms and guidelines from “Öğrenci Seçme ve Yerleştirme Merkezi, ÖSYM-YÖS, 06538, Ankara, Türkiye” in writing, or from “ÖSYM-YÖS, Karyağdı Sokak, No: 28, Aşağı Ayrancı, Ankara, Türkiye” in person.

These documents are given free to ones who apply to OSYM in person from the beginning of November and is posted to ones who apply in writing.

Documents required for application
  • *A completed application form
  • *Exam result document (For the examinations indicated above)
  • *Transcript from your High School
  • *Bank receipt for your Application Fee
Application Fee

100 US Dollars must be deposited
with the IBAN Code: TR28000460083600100002544
and also with SWIFT Code:
AKBKTRIS, Akbank Izmir Ticari Şube Account No: 836-2544

Application Address*

Izmir University of Economics
Registerar’s Office
Sakarya Cad. No: 156
35330 Balçova - İZMİR

*Postal applications are acceptable. Candidates in Turkey can apply in person.

Case Study

Name: Meltem Karadağlı

Department: Department of Software Engineering


We can say that in our brave, new world, our way of sustaining the life we are used to is based on software engineering. The arrival of the water to our houses, the programs of our washing machines and dishwashers, the GPS system that we use while going to work or school, banking systems, telephones, medical equipments, diagnostic devices, energy systems, design, and manufacturing applications are the examples that show us how much the subject of software penetrated into our lives. By offering this department, which is named as the engineering of the future, İzmir University of Economics provided the opportunity for engineering concepts, techniques, and methods to be applied in order to develop software. Being graduated from this department will give me the chance to enter the sector one-step ahead from other informatics graduates.

Name: Onur Adıyaman

Department: Department of Economics


Since economics is an inseparable part of social sciences and since it contains intensive numerical methods, I chose the department of economics. The education I received helped me to understand the root causes of the economical models and increased my skill to make deductions by interpreting the current data and analyze the results. From the beginning of my undergraduate education, being in communication with my lecturers in the department that has a dynamic and experienced academic staff enabled me to learn the roads to knowledge. I believe that the education I received in the Department of Economics increased my competitive power both at home and abroad.