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INTO USA offers international students the chance to study in the US at 3 highly ranked partners including Oregon State University, University of South Florida and Colorado State University. Come learn in one of the world’s leading research universities on a campus-based environment, with world class facilities allowing students to study and participate in extra-curricular activities. INTO USA can give you the chance to study pathway, undergraduate and graduate programs including Engineering, Business and Liberal Arts.


All 3 of INTO USA partners offer world class facilities for students on campus such as libraries, computer suites, recreational centres for sports and relaxation, student unions and sophisticated accommodation.


Tuition approx. $20,000

Accommodation approx. $6000

Living Expenses. Approx. $7000


For application information please email one of the following addresses:

Case Study

Name: Ekaterina Nechaeva

Country of origin: Russia

Programme: Undergraduate Business Pathway Anticipated graduation from OSU: 2014

What was it like when you first arrived?

The flight was really long, I spent like 2 days on a plane! And then I was waiting in Portland for a couple of hours in order to get to Corvallis, the main campus of OSU. When I first came, I didn’t know anything about how to study, or where to go to buy shampoo, for example! My teachers were really helpful during this time.

What were you doing before you came here?

Before I came here, I was living with my family in Russia. When my family took me to the airport, they said to me, “Do your best!” They were really excited for me.

Do you like living in Corvallis?

It’s a beautiful town, a green town, a safe town. There are a lot of activities for students to do in the Memorial Union. There is a piano I can play, and there are cafes where students can have lunch. During the summer, students lay on the field by the MU and do their homework and study with their laptops and their books. I love doing my homework outside when it’s really sunny. It’s so beautiful. The architecture in front of my dorm is really beautiful. The buildings here make the campus a beautiful place.

Tell me about your social life, your friends.

I took a General English course over the summer before starting my Pathway program. There were a lot of students from South Korea, China, Colombia, Saudi Arabia. They are really friendly.