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Hong Kong Baptist University – Department of Computer Science

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Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), funded by the Hong Kong SAR Government, was established in 1956 and it is the second oldest university in Hong Kong. HKBU has more than 50 years of experience in providing broad-based and creativity-inspiring education.

HKBU is consistently at the cutting-edge of the sciences and highly reputed for its commitment to the humanities and arts. The University also encourages service to society among its staff and students, making it a beloved part of the Hong Kong community.

At HKBU, education is far more than simply equipping students with professional knowledge and skills. The University is committed to providing Whole Person Education that inculcates intellectual, cultural, social and sporting skills outside the classroom in addition to training the minds within. We are not just grooming the workforce of tomorrow, we are shaping future leaders.

The University has about 11,000 students enrolled in programmes of all levels, including 49 undergraduate programmes, 44 taught postgraduate programmes, and research programmes leading to MPhil and PhD degrees, all tailored to prepare our students for the challenges of a globalised knowledge-based economy.

According to the Times Higher Education – 2014 Asia University Ranking, HKBU is ranked 42nd in Asia. According to Webometrics, there are 7426 universities and colleges in Asia. In other words, HKBU is ranked at the top tier in Asia.

The Department of Computer Science was founded in 1988 and is committed to high-quality, leading-edge education and research. It has more than 20 highly qualified professors with PhD degrees awarded by renowned university in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, and Hong Kong. Our missions are to achieve research excellence and provide quality university teaching. We are always striving for providing the best teaching and learning environment, as well as equipping our students for their future careers.

Over the years, the Department has established research excellence and international reputation in four selected areas, namely Computational Intelligence, Databases and Information Management, Networking and Systems, and Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. In the past few years, the Department has carried out the following activities:-

1. Obtain research grant of about HK$25,000,000.

2. Carry out over 60 consultancy projects for local and overseas companies.

3. Publish over 500 research papers in international journals and conferences.

4. Found two research centres called Centre for Health Informatics and Research Centre for Ubiquitous Computing, and co-found an international organization called Web Intelligence Consortium.

5. Give invited talks in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan, China, etc.

6. Serve as editors of international journals and chairman of international conferences.


Campus life at HKBU is always abuzz with activities. We believe that the Whole Person Education ethos, our academic programmes are greatly enhanced by the activities students participate in and their interactions outside the classroom. To help our students make the most of their time while attending University, our Office of Student Affairs has a variety of initiatives and programmes. In addition, more than 30 academic societies and 50 student interest clubs flourish on campus, catering to a broad range of subjects and concerns.

During leisure times, students of HKBU can enjoy the sports facilities in one of our three sports centres, which include two multi-purpose gymnasiums, squash and tennis courts, a swimming pools, fitness room and full-size outdoor athletics stadium.

HKBU is well-equipped with a wide range of teaching and learning resources and facilities, as well as comprehensive student support services, e.g. the University has three libraries, providing more than one thousand study places in total. The University is also connected to sources of knowledge around the world through its high-speed IT network. Computer laboratories are also located in different campus, so students can access the labs conveniently. Other learning support units include Language Centre, Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning, European Documentation Centre, Putonghua Proficiency Test Centre, Office of Information Technology, Jockey Club Centre for Advancement of English for Professionals, etc.

To echo the University’s mission of whole-person development of students, the University strives to create positive living environment at our on- and off-campus residence where student residents can not only enjoy the orderly and safe living environment which is conducive to their studies, but also develop their social skills and establish social network by joining a variety of students’ activities. A free and user-friendly online searching platform has been established to allow students searching for partners conveniently when renting private properties and provides students with the updated properties information in Hong Kong.


The programme fee for MSc in Information Technology Management (MSc ITM) and MSc in Advanced Information Systems (MSc AIS) programmes is HK$108,000 (approximately US$13,940). The living expenses depend on individuals and below are rough estimates of the daily expenses:-

Item                                                                                     Expense
Accommodation (provided by the University to students)About HK$47,000/10-month
Breakfast in University canteensAbout HK$22
Lunch or dinner in University canteensAbout HK$35 (including one dish and one drink)
Transportation by metro or train  HK$4-12/trip for most places in downtown area

Approximate exchange rate in Dec 2015: US$1 ≈ HK$7.75, €1 ≈ HK$8.20



Application for both MSc AIS and MSc ITM programmes starts from 16 Nov 2015 till 30 Jun 2016. Information about programme characteristics, admission requirements, programme structure, etc. for MSc AIS and MSc ITM programmes can be found in http://www.comp.hkbu.edu.hk/ais/en/ and http://www.comp.hkbu.edu.hk/msc/itm/en/, respectively.

Applicants can apply for admission through one of the following means:

1. Apply online at https://iss.hkbu.edu.hk/amsappl_pg/, or

2. Complete the paper application form and send it back, together with the required documents, to: Graduate School, AAB 904, Level 9, Academic and Administration Building, Baptist University Road Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong.

Note: The application fee for online application is HK$300 while for paper application is HK$400.

For further information or enquiry about the MSc AIS and MSc ITM programme:-
Telephone:  (852) 3411 2376 (for MSc AIS) or (852) 3411 7079 (for MSc ITM)
Facsimile: (852) 3411 7892
Email: ais@comp.hkbu.edu.hk (for Mc AIS) or itm@comp.hkbu.edu.hk (for MSc ITM)
Website: http://www.comp.hkbu.edu.hk/ais/en/ (for MSc AIS) or http://www.comp.hkbu.edu.hk/msc/itm/en/ (for MSc ITM)
Address: Department of Computer Science, Room R702, Sir Run Run Shaw Building, Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong

For further information or enquiry about the application procedures and deadline:-
Telephone: (852) 3411 5127
Facsimile: (852) 3411 5133
Email: gs@hkbu.edu.hk
Website: http://gs.hkbu.edu.hk/en/prospective/tpg/intro/
Address: Graduate School, AAB 904, Level 9, Academic and Administration Building, Baptist University Road Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

Case Study

Name of student: Dr. Kristen LI
Country of origin: China
Programme studied: Master of Science in Information Technology Management

During one year’s study in the Hong Kong Baptist University as a Master student in Information Technology Management, I always prefer to see our Computer Science Department as a big warm family rather than just a simple academic department.

When I started my class, I found there were really many differences in teaching style, as well as the pace of life from our previous study in the mainland, especially all classes and assignments are in English. The pace in Hong Kong was much faster than that in the mainland. Although there were not many classes every day, I must spend a lot of time in reviewing the course contents and doing projects and assignments. Fortunately, the teachers in our department helped us a lot to adapt to the new study environment. They always asked our previous study background then adjusted their teaching. Besides study, our department also assigned teachers as our mentors to each student to help us with any academic and non-academic problems. I gradually realized that all faculty members and supporting staff have very close relationship with all students. Although they have very strong academic background, they are still quite modest and prudent to us.

During my study, I began to learn better time management and plan my schedule, as well as develop suitable study method and logical thinking. The department offered us many practical courses in different streams and fields, which were not only related to technical side but also soft management skills. Many teachers were educated in the western countries and/or they gained overseas working experience. I also benefited a lot from various guest lectures who came from major companies such as Hospital Authority and major IT companies in Hong Kong. I fully appreciated the combination of the latest theory and practice.

In group projects, I had good opportunities to exchange with local students, many of whom have working experience in the IT field. I noticed and learned many differences between local and mainland students in terms of thinking methods, analysing angles, as well as time scheduling. I also admire the efficiency and quality of their work. Through interaction with local students, I learned a lot of skills while knowing more about the Hong Kong cultures. 

I love the Hong Kong Baptist University and I am proud of being a member of Computer Science Department Family.

Many thanks to all teachers and staff in HKBU!