Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

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Honouring a tradition in business studies that goes back to 1867, HES School of Economics and Business is one of the largest institutes of professional business education in the Netherlands. It offers a wide range of business-related programmes leading to a Bachelor's Degree and preparing students for a Master's programme. Supporting courses such as foreign languages, law and inter-cultural negotiating are included in the programmes.

The school also offers specially designed international programmes which are taught in English, including undergraduate double degree programmes with partner schools in Germany, France, the UK, Mexico, Spain and Sweden. As a result of this, nearly one third of the institute's international students gather in Amsterdam each year from all over Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Africa, Australia and Asia to complete their international business studies.

HES School of Economics and Business is a school of Higher Professional Business Education (in Dutch abbreviated to 'HEAO'). Preparing for their future in middle and higher management in the private and public sectors, students learn from a team of professionals who are keen to share their experiences in the hectic and exciting world of business. HES School of Economics and Business students are free to explore their own needs and follow a four-year course of study similar to that of American universities and of English Business Schools within a university. Classes are small, study is full time. Continuous assessment of international developments means that courses are geared towards the newest developments in business.

All programmes are designed to meet the Dutch standard in Higher Professional Education (HBO). The HES School of Economics and Business is accredited by the HBO Council and the Minister of Education of the Netherlands, and is also recognised by a wide variety of international partners. HES School of Economics and Business attests that the curricula of her programmes match the agreed national standard of the curricula for "HEAO" education. HEAO is the Dutch abbreviation for Higher Professional Business Education.

The diploma is the Bachelor's degree in accordance with to the Dutch law on higher education and scientific research ("WHW" law). For more information check www.minocw.nl.

The Bachelor programme can be followed by a Masters programme.