Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University

Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University

Tel :00420 222 112 286

Website :www.fsv.cuni.cz

The Faculty of Social Sciences (FSV UK) is located in Prague, Czech Republic. It constitutes one part of Charles University, which was established in 1348 and therefore is one of the oldest institutions of this kind in the world.

Currently the Faculty has around 4 000 full-time students of which more than 200 are international students. FSV UK provides courses mainly in Czech but also 14 English language degree programmes. The faculty’s international mobility participation rates are one of the highest from all 17 faculties of Charles University.

English language degree programmes are offered at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The Bachelor course lasts for three years, and the Masters courses are completed in two years.

Members of FSV UK include distinguished academics as well as leading figures in the policy making, economics and social life of the region. The graduates not only receive a firm grounding in theory but also have numerous opportunities to get involved in various practical projects as well.

There is an opportunity to join an Erasmus+ programme, taking your international studies further to even more different countries. The Faculty also provides Spring and Summer schools and a Freemover programme.

Please note that even though the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University offer both Undergraduate Bachelor degrees and Postgraduate degrees, theY do not offer MBA, LLM or Dip programmes within their Postgraduate courses, only Masters and PhD


The faculty offers several dormitories all around Prague. The whole university has a number of student cafeterias and canteens at different locations. FSV UK student can make use of all of them. The Faculty has three libraries of its own, as well as various computer labs. Students interested in sports and physical education can participate in sport activities organized by other faculties of Charles University.


590 CZK (approximately 22 Euros)

Undergraduate Course: 6000 Euros / year

Postgraduate Courses: 6000 Euros / year (except CSF programme: 6 000 Euros per first year of study. At the University of Strasbourg students are required to pay administration fee 300 Euros only; IMESS programme: EU fee is 9 000 Euros / year, fee for students from other countries is 15 500 Euros / year; SEC programme: for students from countries with a lower gross national income per capita we offer a scholarship 2 000 Euros / year.

Accommodation: between 3500 and 5000 CZK (approximately 130- 200 Euros)

Scholarships Available


The early admissions deadline for academic year 2017/18 is 28th February 2017. This deadline does not apply for CSF programme. The regular deadline for academic year 2017/18 is 30th April 2017. 
There will be no entrance examinations. Applicants' materials will be assessed by an admissions committee in March/May respectively. Applicants for all programmes should apply at FSV UK website (online application).