Dania Campus Viborg – The Danish Academy of Business & Technology, Denmark

Dania Campus Viborg – The Danish Academy of Business & Technology, Denmark

Tel :+45 / 87114450

Website :www.eadania.dk

Dania – An academy of higher education in Denmark offers Academy Profession (AP) Degrees in the following Danish cities; Grenaa, Hadsten, Hobro, Horsens, Randers, Silkeborg, Skive and Viborg and offers more than 17 full-time business, It and technological higher education programmes, 2 professional bachelor’s degrees and a number of part-time AP degrees.

At Dania we have more than over 1800 full-time students each year and many part-time degree students. We have more than 200 international students.

In Viborg we provide the following international programmes; Automotive Technology, IT Technology and Marketing Management. With our two-year AP programmes, the students will be able to work in a variety of sectors such as advertising, automotive industry or IT related functions and companies.

Dania Campus Viborg has more than 250 students and employs approx. 20 lecturers and other staff. Our department is characterised by its involved lecturers, relaxed environment and closeness to local, national and international businesses.

Our primary focus in our study programmes is to secure that the theory we teach also is applicable in the real business world. Therefore you will find that we engage local companies and organisations in our daily lectures and project work, so that you understand how theories come to life in practice. The teaching methods are a combination of class teaching, projects, case studies, external teachers from businesses or other educational institutions, as well as excursions to local businesses. We pay great attention to bring practical experiences into our teaching.
A key part of the full-time AP degrees is that you must complete a three month internship in a business during the 4th semester. This can take place in Denmark or abroad. An internship will give you valuable practical insight and teach you to apply other working methods in solving specific work tasks. Furthermore you will gain a relevant insight into a company´s requirements and expectations. The internship may also be the basis for you final project.

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In Viborg we share the Campus building with VIA College, so there are many different educations under one roof, i.e. from nurses, teachers, pre-school caretakers to IT and Automotive Technologists. Also close to Campus is Viborg sports Academy and Viborg currently has both a football team (soccer) and handball team in the Danish “super liga”.

Campus facilities: There are printers/scanners/copy machines at free disposal with a student card. Also there is free wi-fi everyway in the building.
Campus has a canteen with offers a warm meal for approx. €3 and have a large selection of salad, sandwiches, cake, fruit, hot and cold drinks.

On Campus there is a sports hall, where students can play basketball, volleyball or handball. The relevant balls are at students’ free disposal. In the canteen area there are table tennis (ping-pong), air hickey and pool table at free disposal.

The student house is placed next to the Campus building in a newly renovated military building. The students themselves are responsible for running the place. Here there are plenty of opportunities for both physical and social activities, such as concerts or watching sports on the big screen. There is one big room with a scene and a bar, and some smaller rooms ideal for playing music or study groups.

At Dania Campus Viborg we have a student council which is the “voice” of the students and is represented by students. They also organise events and have influence on the student life at Campus Viborg.

As a foreign incoming student in Viborg, the municipality guarantees accommodation. We will help finding a place for you, either at the dorms next to Campus (single or double rooms) or a room in a shared flat in Viborg town.


For all EU students there is a administration fee of €200 which covers all expenses to copy, print and student card during the two years. There are no extra school related costs.
All NON EU students must pay a tuition fee;
Marketing                         €8200 per year
IT Tech                              €12000 per year
Automotive technology     €13500 per year

In Viborg the cost for accommodation incl. water, electricity etc is approximately between €250- €450 per month according to type of chosen accommodation. Food and other living expenses are not included.


See webpage for further details on applying, also see under each education which requirements there are for applicants. Please click here.

Students must apply via www.optagelse.dk

Case Study

Jimmy Hansen
Danish student at the International IT Technology AP Degree (2012-2014)

Jimmy Hansen is currently a 4th semester IT Technology student (spring 2014). Jimmy is Danish but has chosen to follow the English IT Technology AP degree at Dania Campus Viborg, because all the material is in English anyway and so is the working language also. His background is as a trained Carpenter, but he chose to make a career change and become and IT Technologist.  Jimmy chose this degree because he sees it as being more hardware orientated than f.ex. the  Computer Science degree.

He explains that there is homework most days and practical-based projects are part of the curriculum. He tells that most of the students often stay at the Campus after class to do the work. The advantage is that they can help each other, and lecturers and supervisors are nearby. Also the Campus offers good study facilities. There is an open workshop every week where the students can get extra technical help.

Jimmy´s 4th semester internship is taking place in a Danish company called ITXpress and he will take part in a specific concrete task where they are going to centrally distribute programmes to client tablets and laptops and that way help saving both money and time. Later on he hopes to work as an IT consultant or IT manager. Before the internship Jimmy had a meeting with the company and told them which tasks an It Technologist can do. The degree gives the opportunity to work with problem solving i.e. on larger network and administration units.