College of Social Sciences

College of Social Sciences

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Public Institution College of Social Sciences is the best rated private college in Lithuania (Ratings of Lithuanian Colleges, 2011) and the second biggest private college in Lithuania in number of students. The College was established in Lithuanian port city Klaipeda and has the second branch in country’s capital Vilnius. Since the beginning the College has been gaining the reputation of an advanced institution both among local community and regional business sector.

In 2009 The College was awarded the DS Label. The diploma Supplement is a document attached to a higher education qualification aimingat improving international transparency and facilitating the academic and professional recognition of qualifications. The College has experience in high-qualified research, carrying out analysis, organizing seminars, meetings and conferences on the research subject areas and of international co-operation. The College has also gained experience in execution of national and international projects and strives to adapt European dimension to all of its activities.

College of Social Sciences is offering a variety of study programmes, and outstanding learning environment, which will fulfill your academic goals, intellectual needs and cravings for different culturalexperience.

The study programmes offered at our college are as follows:

  • Communication studies - The aim of this study programme is to prepare the experts in the field of public relations capable of organizing and managing internal and external company‘s comunication networks, able to design information products, maintain public company‘ s relations with the society, flexibly react into market fluctuations and adapt to the changing circumstances.
  • Transport and Logistics - Having a diploma in the Transport and Logistics major you will be capable of creating, planning and developing transport and logistics business; will have the knowladge of the main international transport and logistics systems, will be able to manage road transport and logistics technological processes and creatively work under the conditions of economic risk.
  • International Business - After graduation in the International Business study programme you will be an expert competent in establishing international companies, understanding the priciples of development of the international business, as well as relations with the management, economics and the law.
  • Joint Degree at International Business Management - The first year of studies in this programme is taugh in the College of Social Sciences, the second and third years - in the chosen foreign higher education institution, which is cooperating with the College of Social Sciences under the program (Portugal; Romania and other countries that will joine the programme later.
  • Programming - After acquiring the professional bachelor degree in programming,the student will be able to design, maintain and administrate information technologies and computer systems, build applications,internet pages, data bases and manage them, as well as will be capable of programming in contemporary languages, working with various packages of applications, analyzing, systemizing, and storing the information, installing and maintaining operation systems,providing quality service to the users.

We are thrilled that you are considering joining us for your studies!



The literature found in the library of the College of Social Sciences consist of the reading materials that completely corresponds with the study programmes taught at the college. The library provides a variety of resources, including books, and periodicals. Our modern library provides the newest Lithuanian and foreign publications to the readers. Literature of social sciences makes up the biggest part of all materials found in the library. However the reader can find number of publications in business, economics, banking, foreign language learning and etc. The library is equipped with a copying machine and computers. Computers have access to the INTERNET, so students can search online databases, various encyclopaedias and library's catalogs.

Career Centre

Career centre serves as a coordination centre for professional orientation, assistance in employment and coordination of relations between the College and its social partners. The key goal of the centre is to introduce students with the professional career opportunities, provide information, consultancy regarding employment, to ease the students’ integration into the labour market.

Science and Business Centre

Science and Business Centre have been successfully working at the CSS since 2004. The  main objective of the centre is to develop the cooperation among the education, business and public sectors.

Student’s Club

Students of the College have their own organization of autonomy – Students‘ Club. Students‘ Club is an autonomous organization representing and advocating the interests of all students of the College.


Application fee is 65 EUR, the annual fee for all study programmes is 2500 EUR (2011/2012 academic years).

Accommodation in a rented apartment starting from 400 Lt (115 EUR)*
Food 400 Lt (116 EUR)*

Local transport 110 Lt (32 EUR)*

*The prices are given approximately when 1 EUR=3.4528 Lt


The application procedure for students from non-EU countries

Students from non-EU countries that apply to the College of Social Sciences have to apply for visa D, Temporary Residence and Study Permit as well.

The procedure is as follows:

1. Submission of an applicant’s documents to the College of Social Sciences (CSS) via e-mail. An applicant have to present the following documents to the college via :

  • Application form
  • Passport copy
  • Copy of Graduation certificate from last secondary school or college (the document must confirm that a person has got secondary education).
  • Copy of International certificate of English language test confirming not lower than Intermediate level or equivalent score.

NOTE: (If graduation documents are in other language than English, they have to be translated into the English language.)

2. Submission of the applicant’s secondary education certificate to the Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (CQAHE) (according to the EU legal regulations applicable in all EU state-members). The applicant has to submit notarized copies of legalized high school graduation certificate and other required documents (see on ) to the CQAHE in Lithuania for evaluation procedure.

For more information please, contact International Relations Office of the CSS  at

3. Submission to the College of Social Sciences (CSS) a copy of the certificate provided to the student by CQAHE in Lithuania.

4. Reassessment of the provided documents in the college. After the college approves that the applicant is offered a place to study in the college, he/she have to send to the college by post:

  • original Application Form;
  • hard and preferably notarized copies of graduation certificate/documents;
  • 2 photos;
  • Passport copy (preferably notarized);
  • Certificate provided by CQAHE in Lithuania or copy of it;
  • Copy of International certificate of English language test.

5. The student pays an application fee to the CSS.

6. The selected candidate gets an Invitation Letter where he/she is informed about his/her acceptance to study in the CSS (by e-mail and by regular post) and can begin visa D and Temporary Residence Permit to live in Lithuania procedure.