Arabic German College

Arabic German College

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The Arabic German College Consulting and Training (AGC), Arabic German College was established/founded in Munich, Germany.

And success to build  a relationships around the world with global business in the service areas of training, marketing, sales and specifically the administrative in general. The college offers a range of advisory and training programs designed by Canada Global Centre CGC. Also Arabic German College teaching the German language.

The reason AGC has excelled and still excelling in the training field is due to the true commitment towards its clear vision and mission.

Graduation Results

The graduates of our training program and who gets the diploma (international trainer) certified by Canada Global Centre (CGC) and Arabic German College qualifies them to work as administrators or advisers and mentors with:

  1. Development of people in units of the official state and municipal organs  
  2. Development of teachers in different schools
  3. Development of students in high schools and different generations
  4. Development of families
  5. Development of agents, companies and education institutions

All through:

  • strategic planning
  • self-development and local management
  • supervisory skills, partnership with the private sector
  • educational administration
  • human resources management
  • use of skills capacity, improve services, guidance and direction.


Academic advice

Academic counseling department helps first-year students to choose subjects and develop a plan according to the academic plan and their educational goals.

Office of Student Affairs

The office aims to help international students to get to know the life in Germany and the European Communities. It also supports them to integrate into studying life.

Student accommodation

Arabic German College provides accommodation for students with opportunities to identify the best condition, advising them to stay at the hall of residence, as it offers a secure environment and also a variety of services.

There are many facilities including laboratory computer and a cafeteria that served their lists specifically to fit the Arab-Islamic society in terms of meals and soft drinks and a room for study and also TVs with satellite channels, Internet services by covering student accommodation the entire wireless networks, high speed,

It also offers student accommodation for the Faculty of tourism and cultural services they provided a variety of multicultural society, as the School organizes many scientific and social activities.


The Diploma called International Trainer_ Professional, issue by Canada Global Centre.

The program is 2 years _4 semesters, each year cost 10.000euro, accommodation at the college house cost 500euro per month.


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