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In 2006, Felipe Aransaenz created Antogo, LLC, an educational consulting company that helps students through the university admissions process. Serving students from a wide range of backgrounds, the company shepherds both undergraduate and graduate applicants to all educational systems taught in English around the world. Antogo also offers career-coaching services that help young graduates and professionals effectively secure well-paid and meaningful jobs across the world.

Our success stems mainly from a highly-individualized approach that follows the student through all stages of the university or job application process, including choosing schools or companies uniquely suited to them.  Our special expertise is in developing original, unique, and flawless applications materials, such as essays and cover letters, as well as in strategic positioning to highlight strengths and minimize weaknesses. Most of our students are able to exceed their admissions and professional expectations and earn spots at selective universities or companies. 

Beyond its expertise in academic admissions, Antogo also utilizes return-on-investment measurement tools to pragmatically and precisely link the world of education with a variety of possible professional trajectories, including assessing future success of new ventures.