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The American College of Dubai (ACD) is a privately endowed educational institution established under the laws of the UAE and operating with the required UAE government approvals which include formal accreditation by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, as well as local licensure approval by the Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority.  The institution offers a complete Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) qualification as well as University transfer Program designed to facilitate transfer abroad for degree completion in a variety of disciplines.  A comprehensive Academic English Program is offered for students who require additional preparation before entering a degree course as well as IELTS and TOEFL preparation courses, which is mandatory for students wanting to enter the BBA and transfer programs.

The Goals at the American College of Dubai are:

  1. Present a quality education that enables students to ultimately achieve their educational goals.  As part of this objective the college seeks to ensure that all students can communicate clearly and accurately in English and can use Information Technology as well as library resources in an effective manner.
  2. Effectively cover the broad based General Education objectives normally associated with U.S. Higher Education with an emphasis on widening the perspective of the educated individual.
  3. Provide relevant programs for transfer to other institutions of higher education that enable students to ultimately achieve career success.
  4. Provided relevant business-related degree programs that enable students to ultimately achieve career success.
  5. Help students develop realistic and obtainable career goals and to assist graduates with access to challenging employment prospects in the local economy
  6. Assist students with obtaining work related experience via well coordinated internship.

The Programs offered at the American College of Dubai:

  1. Transfer Programs with leading universities in the U.S, UK and the UAE
  2. Transfer Credits to Engineering, Business and Finance Programs


The College is located on a purpose-built campus.  Facilities include lecture halls, a separate library building with study areas, a major computer center.  Student activity area includes outdoor sports facitlities such as a football field as well as basketball and volleyball courts.  There is also a games hall alongside the cafeteria and a dedicated student-activities centre

ACD has a library boasting of over 30,000 volumes in support of the academic programs offered by the college and to assist students with their research and assignments.  Students are provided with a brochure describing the services of the library and orientation sessions that are held to familiarize students with library materials, services and basic bibliographical techniques. 

The computer centre is a is a highly modern Information Technology Center which serves the computer related instructional and research needs of students and faculty.  Assistance is provided for personal computer resources and for the computer laboratories.  Students can use the computer laboratories for typing and/or printing of their project work, assignments and the like.


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To qualify for admission at ACD, an applicant must hold a UAE Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent covering 12 years of education or a terminal secondary education completion certificate that qualifies the applicant to enroll in an institution of higher education in the country of origin where the certificate was issued, as determined by the authorities of that country.

All students applying for admission must submit a TOEFL score of at least 500 (173 - computer based system). All applicants must demonstrate a proficiency in English and Mathematics necessary for achieving their academic objectives; thus all applicants are required to take a placement test in English and Mathematics prior to registration.

Those requiring additional skills in these areas are assigned preparatory courses. The college has a policy of interviewing all prospective students to assess whether the student's interests and career goals are congruent with ACD's mission and programs

An application form can be downloaded via the following link:

Case Study

Name: Yuan Yuan She

Age: 17

Country of origin: China, Anhui

Programme: University Foundation / English Programme


I have now studied at the American College of Dubai for one year. I first enrolled in the English Language Program to improve my language skills in writing, reading, speaking and vocabulary. I found the professors to be extremely knowledgeable in all areas of the English language, as they are all native English speakers. Classes were small with individual attention given to each student. The faculty made the classroom a fun learning environment and it was fun learning with students from all over the world!

After passing the final two levels of the English Language Program I enrolled in the University Foundation Program. This program has allowed me to further improve on my English skills and also improve in Math. After completing the Foundation Program I will enroll in the American College of Dubai as a fulltime student this fall and start classes in their Bachelors of Business Administration Program.

The American College of Dubai has been a positive experience for me. The faculty and staff really do care about each and every student and their overall academic success.