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The Cyprus International University was established in 1997.  It is an ambitious and innovative institution, providing its students a centre of excellence with distinction. With all its academic and social activities, the University's prime commitment is to provide educational facilities to satisfy the needs of a modern technological society.  Thus, whilst these needs are broadly provided, CIU has developed a deliberate policy of making its courses practical and relevant. With its outstanding international academic staff, CIU is concerned particularly with the quality of its teaching, the employability of its graduates and the application of its research expertise for the benefit of the community.  Internationally accredited programs, a dedicated faculty and modern campus attract students from around the world.

Why Cyprus International University?

Cyprus International University has achieved an unprecedented growth since its establishment in 1997, not only in student population, but in academic infrastructure and faculty as well. With a fully English speaking staff and an exceptionally low student/faculty ratio in many departments, CIU is able to provide individual development for its students.

CIU strongly believes that living in the residence halls is a vital complement of the educational process and provides accommodation on campus for 70% of its students. The University’s residence halls are designed to answer all the needs of the students as well as studio type accommodation is also provided on campus. 

Cyprus International University provides high value for private education as an overseas destination and has;

  • a very experienced faculty,
  • students from 28 different countries,
  • 1/1 computer/student ratio and has 1/20 staff/student ratio in classes,
  • 16 collaboration agreements with well known universities and is classified in UNESCO’s world universities list, member of International Association of Universities and the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW), Association of International Educators (NAFSA), Higher Education Council of Turkey, The National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (UK NARIC), The European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR), European Association for International Education (EAIE) and European Council for Business Education (ECBE), Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional (CHRIE),
  • world wide international accreditation for all programs,
  • an unlimited internet access from 4500 spot on campus and provides private web space for each student,
  • 2460 capacity at the residence halls and provides cable TV connections in the  rooms,
  • modern classrooms, studios and laboratories,
  • campus settings with full range of academic, social, recreational, sports and dining facilities,
  • dual degree programs with UK Universities – University of Sunderland and University of Wolverhampton.
Services On Campus

Laundry facilities, Dining Facilities, Student Union, Shuttle Services, Sports and Recreation Center, The Library, International Student Office, Counselling Center, Health Center, Career Services. In addition to these services, most important of all with the most developed sports complex of Northern Cyprus, CIU ARENA; including a half size Olympic Swimming pool, a closed area of 7,500m2 and an open area of 15,000m2 total of 22,000 m2 area, which offers wide range of indoor and outdoor sports activities.

CIU Arena`s 250 seat semi-Olympic swimming pool, 1500 seats multi functional indoors sports arena, 780m2  fitness centre, climbing wall, squash rooms and polygon are the main facilities offered in 7500 m2 closed area. At the same time,  15,000 m2 open area of the Arena offers 2 pitches, 2 tennis courts, 4 Bocce courts, 2 basketball courts, 1 volleyball court, beach area where it can be used for activities such as "beach" volleyball, handball & football, and 400 m outdoor jogging track and fitness area are the important features of the arena.

This section identifies the academic levels and subject areas that are offered at this institution. For a detailed list of course titles and levels you should contact the institution directly using the contact details provided.

  • Postgraduate (Masters, MBA, LLM, Dip, PhD)
  • Undergraduate (Bachelors)
  • Foundation (Preparatory)
  • Language learning
  • Professional training
  • Architecture, construction, building & surveying
  • Business, MBA & management
  • Computer science & IT
  • Economics
  • Education & teaching
  • Engineering
  • Health & medicine
  • Humanities
  • Languages
  • Law & LLM
  • Social science
  • Tourism, leisure & hospitality
  • Visual & creative arts

Name: Wigwe Nyebuchi Ndubueze

Country of origin: Nigeria

Programme: Management Information Systems



Wigwe Nyebuchi Ndubueze are my names, I am Nigerian.I gradutated from a prestigious university in my home country Nigeria, The University of PortHarcourt where I obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2007.

Sequel to my quest in developing a career in information technology in course of my National Youth service program ,after my graduation, I decided to commence a master degree program in North Cyprus owing its advantageous educational cost compared to other countries in Europe.

I got enrolled in the master degree program in Management Information Systems in CIU in 2009. Cyprus International University, as the name implies, clearly depicts a clear standard of an international university. The postgraduate program in this university is quite awesome and highly beneficial as students are taught with modern day facilities which in overall equips students with a comprehensive and efficient pedestal with which to handle various organizational issues after graduation.

After the successful completion of my Master’s degree program in June 2010, I was quite impressed and satisfied with the vast level of knowledge I have so far gained form my master’s degree program. In course of my master’s degree program in Management Information Systems , I was opportuned to enroll in some core computer engineering courses with postgraduate computer engineering students. The modules were inspiring and at the same time challenging. With lots of support from the Instructors and thanks to the services that are constantly available at the University, I acquired a firm understanding of what was expected, and what I could do to improve my self.This inspired my desire to commence a second Master’s degree program in Computer Engineering. I am currently enrolled in my second Master’s degree program in Computer Enginnering where by I am also working as a research asssitant and at the same time working at the CIU International Office.

If you are struggling with what to study, I believe Cyprus Internatioanl University is a flexible university which allows you to choose from a number of courses, moreover the student advisors are brilliant at helping you choose and structure your course. It’s also an inclusive place where you will meet diverse and friendly people. CIU is the place to be!

Tuition Fees

Undergraduate Programs (Tuition fee for the year): €3,000

  • (Pharmacy: €7,000/year)

Graduate Programs (Total tuition for the whole program)

  • Master’s Degree Programs: €3,850
  • PhD Degree Programs: €7,150
  • Non-refundable Application Fee: €50      
  • Registration Fee: €300
Accommodation - Room Types and Rates
  • Three bed-room apartments: Single Room: €2,520
  • Two bed-room apartments: Double Room: €1,890
  • Three bed-room apartments: Double Room: €1,575

Note:  For Apartments full payment should be done at admission.   

All inclusive package

CIU offers a package to all international students who choose to live on campus. The package includes tuition fee, other fees, accommodation fee and 21 meal plan per week.

Full Payment At Admission   

  • Single Room: €7,332
  • Double Room: €6,492
  • Quadruple Room: €6,019

Note: A student needs to pay VAT on all fees

Application Procedure
  1. The copies of the following documents are recuired to be couriered(Cyprus International University, International Office, Haspolat, Nicosia, Mersin 10, Turkey) or mailed ( to CIU’s International Office for each application:
    Completed application form, (available at for undergraduate application; and at for graduate application)
  2. High School Diploma or equivalents for Bachelor Degree application
    Bachelor Degree Diploma for Masters Degree application,
  3. Course descriptions and course outline - for Bachelor application,
    Bachelor Degree transcript for Masters application ,
  4. Evidence of English Language competence TOEFL; 500 paper, ILTS 6.0 (students without  these documents will sit CIU’s proficiency exam on arrival), students can only start their first year in departments only when the Foundation School evaluates and approves their scores,
  5. €50 non-refundable application fee receipt ,
  6. Passport photocopy,
  7. 12 passport size photographs.
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