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Come and participate at the ISFA Virtual Webinar Fair, the most friendly, result driven, professional and fun event in East Africa since 2011.

We  make sure that you will meet top students in Africa and also enjoy yourself through a pack of various activities including a group safari and sightseeing.

Reasons to Attend
  • Excellent proven recruitment conversion rate at the event and after
  • Affordable price
  • Ability to meet students, parents, career teachers and education professionals
  •  Good ratio of return client
  • Carefully planned and executed promotion
  • No travel expense
  • At the comfort of your own home/office

The event will bring together students and international education providers with the focus on recruiting students for foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Higher education has recorded strong growth in East Africa in recent years due to increased demand. The use of websites, subscribing to academic journals, use of intranet, social media and other e-learning tools have revolutionised the academic sector in East Africa.

Market Overview

Altogether, there are about 100 universities in East Africa, both public and private, with Kenya hosting the highest number, 40.

With local Kenyan universities not being able to offer enough places for students, more students are looking into opportunities to study overseas as they also wish to improve their career prospects in the labour market after graduation.

According to University World News, 57% of 1,044 Kenyan students polled in the recent survey said that they would prefer to study in a foreign university than a local one. The number of Kenyans issued with student visas has been on the rise in recent years according to government statistics.

An increase in Kenyan schools offering A-Levels and International Baccalaureate naturally increased the number of students willing to study abroad. Those ones who obtained the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) can still apply to foreign universities but most of such students choose to go for Access Courses abroad.

In the past decade Tanzania's public universities have witnessed rapid growth in enrolment. There are nearly 30 public and private universities in Tanzania. Demand for higher education is large with an estimated student population of 15,000.

According to a recent report from the Tanzania Education Sector Analysis, emphasis has been put on higher education, to adequately meet the growing demand from secondary school leavers and produce skills relevant to current and future economic growth. University enrolment has grown at an average annual rate of 30% over 2005-09.

Event Outline

Main areas are undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses with a visible increase in interest for professional qualifications. Many foreign universities attract Kenyan students for access and foundation courses in marketing, business, management and IT.

The main subject areas are: business and finance, medicine and related sciences, IT, engineering, hotel management, humanities, law, science, MBA, and distant learning.

This year, ISFA are also donating to the Mara Meru Cheetah project, if you would like to donate 5 Euros from your booking towards the charity, please mention this in the comments section of your invoice.


Visitor numbers:

Nairobi 1,000

Visitors targeted by:

Billboards / Posters / Flyers
Cooperation With Educational Institutions
Local / National Press
PR Campaigns
Promotion At Other Events
Television / Radio


Who should attend:

Summer schools
Student service providers
Professional bodies
Language schools
Hotel management schools
Government bodies
Gap year organisations
Funding & scholarship providers
Education agencies
Business schools
Boarding schools

Levels & Subjects

Academic Levels
  • Professional training
  • Language learning
  • Secondary education (boarding)
  • Further education & vocational
  • Foundation (Preparatory)
  • Undergraduate (Bachelors)
  • Postgraduate (Masters, MBA, LLM, Dip, PhD)
Subject Areas
  • Visual & creative arts
  • Tourism, leisure & hospitality
  • Social science
  • Science
  • Retailing & marketing
  • Mathematics
  • Law & LLM
  • Languages
  • Humanities
  • Health & medicine
  • Engineering
  • Education & teaching
  • Economics
  • Computer science & IT
  • Business, MBA & management
  • Architecture, construction, building & surveying
  • Accountancy, finance & insurance



Opening hours for visitors
Day 1:


10:00 - 14:00

Access times for exhibitors
Set up:


Prices & Booking