We are pleased to offer our clients a high level of customer service and a service that helps institutions find appropriate fairs where they can successfully recruit students and/or gain exposure in a new market. We would like to thank our clients and exhibitors who have taken the time to give us their feedback on our services and the fairs attended, some of which we have displayed below.

ISFA Fairs were well managed.

In general, it was well managed. We will join you in the coming fair in any African country.

Nesrene Omar
Mansoura University

ISFA Fall 2014

Many thanks for having invited YK Business School to participate in the ISFA Event.

It was a great event where I had the chance of presenting our training programs to students who will finish high school shortly.  Quite a good number has expressed a keen interest in the undergraduate studies offered by MANCOSA, and run by YK Business School.  The MBA program has also attracted several visitors. The logistical arrangements organized for this event were awesome.

Moniza Gopaul
YK Business School

It`s great working with University Fairs

It`s great working with University Fairs and Studycentral team, easy, friendly, flexible. The Master Fair [Netherlands] is a perfect match if you are looking for master students and establish contact with other Universities or Companies. Highly recommended!

Kathrin Bartel
ZHAW, IFM Institute of Facility Management

Keep up the excellent work!

The fair in Arusha was very good. We received a really good number of leads and the standard of students was exceptional. Both fairs in Kenya were also excellent and ran very smoothly. I must say, the irganisation of the ISFA fairs was very good and I will certainly look to participate in the next ISFA Fairs in 2017. Keep up thje excellent work!

Rakesh Ram
Amity Global Business School

Largest Slovenian Education, Scholarship and Employment Fair - Informativa

The European Commission recommends such events as an important source of information for all young people before further career decisions whether related to the entry to further education or to the labour market.

Miha Lovšin
Project Manager Information and Advice, Centre for Vocational Education

Look forward to participating again in 2017

Thank you for a well organised fair. We look forward and would really like to participate in the 2017 ISFA Fairs in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Victoria Kimotho
St George's University

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, Germany

We met a great number of interesting students at this fair. Also, the fair organizers thought about just everything!
All in all it was an event we’d consider again.

Anne Breuer - International Sales Manager
Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Masterbeurs in the Netherlands is cost effective

It is our opinion that having a booth at the Masterbeurs is one of the most effective ways to get in contact with Dutch students who are looking to do a study abroad. The overall experience exceeded our expectations.

Remco Roest, Director
Eduglobe, USA

Masterbeurs in the Netherlands is definitely a useful fair

I met some good and very qualified students at the Masterbeurs. I definitely think it’s very useful for our university to be here.

Tim Anderson, MSC Marketing and Recruitment Manager
Cass Business School, London, UK

Masterbeurs offers the perfect opportunity

Masterbeurs fair offers UK institutions the perfect opportunity to meet with a very high number of focussed, well researched and highly motivated Dutch students and is a fantastic event to attend.

Dan Barcroft, Senior student recruitment officer
University of Reading

Mauritius has been highly successful

The University of Glamorgan has attended the Mauritius recruitment fair every year since 2007. During this period, we have seen the number of institutions increase and most definitely the number of applicants and families who attend increase. This fair has been the University's main recruitment tool in Mauritius and it has been highly successful. It give us a high level of exposure which has resulted in a significant increase not only in applications but also actual enrolments. We have already confirmed our attendance at the next fair.

Malcolm Taylor, Head of International Recruitment
University of Glamorgan

Met With Quality Students At UPPF

Impressed by the event organisation, it was very fruitful. Met with many quality prospective clients for our Swiss program. Thank you so much.

Magdy Attalla

Organisation and communication remains blameless

It will be a pleasure to see the ISFA team at their fairs in 2017, and many more years to come. Organisation and communication remains blameless. Good work team!! Thank you very much to all who helped us at the ISFA Fairs.

Sweety Moheeputh
Vatel Mauritius

Organisation of ISFA went very well

The organisation of ISFA went very well with good numbers of interested students. The student profile was very good and they were very exciting and enthusiastic. Hoping to attend the next ISFA fair. Thank you!

Hande Servet Chichek and Gizem Kavaz
Cyprus International University

Peninsular Malaysia Education Fair – A Great Place to Meet Many Institutions

I am just completed my SPM. There are quite number of institutions here and all under one roof, it’s easier for me to collect information.

Stephanie Khoo

Perfect Timing for Peninsular Malaysia Education Fair

Right Time, Right Place, Right Crowd. [The Malaysia] Education Fair always provides the targeted visitors and invites the right colleges/ universities to participate in the event.

Mr Lim Boon Wah
Marketing Director, UCSI University

Perfectly Organised and High Quality Students!

Our primary objectives when attending the Europe fair was to present a Bachelor programme and collect qualified leads. We are very pleased to say that the fair met our objectives, and we are very interested in attending similar fairs in the next year. The Universityfairs website, organisation from Studycentral and the customer care was impeccable and I felt very comfortable to express my views and queries to the team. The organisation of the fair, student enquiries and the fair itself was excellent, with a well laid out system of to follow up on student leads.

Cecile Marquez
Fondazione European School of Management

Recommending other institutions to participate in Middle East Roadshow

We have more than 50 students who acutally signed up to recieve more information so we are super happy about that. Also the quality of students that were here we do like a lot!

Hult Business School

Student Fair Sweden - 2013

This was the 3rd time I've attended the Student Fair in Sweden and the fair was once again busy and well-organised. I was able to get a lot of interest on our film courses. Studycentral services were very good, personal, and efficient.

Tom Robards
Met Film School

Students wait for UPPF in Ukraine with anticipation

Nataliia Nevidnycha

Studycentral Level of Service

It is a pleasure to work with all the associates of Studycentral Ltd. I got in touch with.

Nora Dobozy
EIT ICT Labs Budapest

Studycentral was really helpful

Studycentral was really helpful in organizing the trip to China, keeping in mind that we were late in booking the stands and arranging all the trip details, the help was really needed and we really appreciate that.

Gerda Rimdziute
Study in Lithuania

Success for CEU in Latvia at the Days of International Education

The Days of International Education fair in Riga was a successful event; it allowed us (CEU) to reach the students’ market from the Baltics. A lot of people showed up during the fair, and many of the visitors matched our target audience. This was a good experience for us and we are looking forward to repeat it. Studycentral was a useful partner in the preparation phase of the fair.

Rodrigo Avila B.
Central European University

Success in Azerbaijan

It was a successful organisation and we are pleased with the number of students that visited our stand. We will be looking forward to the next exhibition. Thank you for organizing such a gathering as well.

Mrs. Kutlay M. Erdil, Student Recruitment Office
Eastern Mediterranean University

The best show for us this year was GETEX

The Gulf Education and Training Exhibition in Dubai was the best show for us this year. We are very satisfied with the way the fair was organized. All our 10 universities received a large number of student applications during the event. We look forward to the next edition of GETEX to meet new students as well as to touch base with some of the previous visitors to our pavilion.

Education Malaysia, UAE

The Event was Professionally Held and Organised

Our primary objective for attending the South East Asia Roadshow was to recruit overseas students. Since the fair was so good, we are very interested in attending similar events over the following year. This is because the website, booking process and our contact with Studycentral were excellent. We felt able to express our views and questions freely, and received helpful and understanding responses from the team. Furthermore, the organisation and venue facilities on the day of the event were very good, with a substantial amount of students enquring at our stand.

Rainey Choi
Lingnan University

The fair in Mauritius helped me decide to study abroad

I had attended the fair that was organized by Campus Abroad  last year at hotel Labourdonais at Port Louis. I had some great moments there viewing all the universities present. There were many universities from different countries, which widen my view to go and study abroad. But I had already in mind to study in Mauritius. I had a great time viewing the universities and took the opportunity to ask a few questions. That helped me to change my decision and I opted to study abroad. [Kunal Ghurbhurrun gained access to a UK university as a result]

Kunal Ghurbhurrun

The ISFA Fair has been well marketed

The Fair has been well marketed if we consider the quality of the prospective students we met.

Renaud Azema
Vatel University

The ISFA Fair is a well organised event.

The event was well organised, the students were attending in groups so we could talk with them without huge crowds. The preliminary information on the event was enough to prepare with information and documen tation. Most of the students were interested in Medical and business studies, and natural sciences. 

Dr Laszlo Stundl
University of Debrecen

The ISFA Fair is really amazing

The Fair is really amazing, turn out was massive. The students were coordinative and articulate in their questions. All in all, it's satisfactory and I wouls love to be here again.

Oyewale Dhikmlah Lawal
Yasar University

The ISFA Fair was very professional

Well organised, very professional and there were many students at the fairs- nice!

Helene Brondll
Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (ZIBAT)

The ISFA Fairs were great for exposure and getting to know exceptional students

There was a great coverage of schools and the ISFA fairs were full of students. It was great for exposing our university, and getting to know exceptional students, whilst establishing our presence in Africa. The fair was well organised and a big thank you to Irina and the team for the welcoming hospitality. The otrher exhibitors were also lovely to meet, and many great friendships were formed.

Matthew Van Buuren
Varsity College, South Africa

The ISFA organisers are great professionals

Great initiative. ISFA has given us a good visibility in Kenya. This event has yielded a postive outcome. Lots of students sign up to study in Mauritius and hopefully we will paint a part of them. We encourage ISFA to continue in this association so that we can have more opportunities in other countries. The organisers are great professionals. Thank you for including us in this event.

Moniza Goupal
Y K Business School

The Masters Fair in the Netherlands was really well organized

The fair was really well organized, the booths were nice, food and tea were offered. I always got very prompt answers to my emails while preparing the fair (my contact for the fair in Utrecht was Craig Matthews) so that i did not have to worry about a thing.

Lucie Boitlere
Montreux School of Business, Switzerland

The Professional set-up of the Masterbeurs

I was impressed by the professional set-up of the Masterbeurs . Everything was well organized. The quantity and quality of enquirers was really good. All in all a fair worth repeating.

Stephanie Heilmann, Regional Office Western Europe
Middlesex University London

The student quality at Einstieg is really high

The student quality is really high. Academically, it’s perfect. You ask them for a 2.0 and they say that’s easy. Their English level is also very high, so that we can recruit and convert students.

Stephanie Stretton, Recruitment Manager
Oregon State University, USA

The Studycentral team is friendly

The Studycentral team is friendly, helpful and you get direct answers quickly. Good service. Thank you

Isabel Van Dyke
Vuokatti Campus

The World Education Fair PR must be good

Well organized and well attended so PR and Advertising must be good. I think the process of students lining up and then sitting down to talk with the representatives is marvelous. You make much better contacts this way.

Melanee Crist
Truman State University, USA

The World Education Fair was busy throughout

Well organized, busy throughout, well staffed. Visitors were well informed and of a high quality. My only concern was that some Post Grad students had been given details of our MA programmes as a potential match to their enquires, this resulted in a little confusion. Excellent system and well managed. Overall I was most impressed with the quality of the fair.

Joe Whimster, Aim 4 Uni Project Officer
University of Aberdeen, UK

University of Arizona

The University of Arizona had a great time meeting the excellent students in the GCC. A big thank you for organizing an outstanding recruitment circuit and introducing us to amazing students, parents and high school counselors. Looking forward to the next tour

Weston Brown
The University of Arizona

Very glad to attend GETEX

I was very glad to attend the Gulf Education and Training Exhibition in Dubai in April 2011 which provided us with the platform to raise our organization’s profile in the UAE. The response was extremely positive and we are thankful for this opportunity.

Wioletta Londono, Managing Partner
Global Study, UK

Very Professional

You are a very professional, well organized firm and thank you.

Ibrahim Yorgun
Middle East Technical University

We Attend Masterbeurs in the Netherlands Fair Annually

The Institute of Facility Management (IFM) at the ZHAW is offering the only international english speaking Master of Science in Facility Management in the German speaking area. For this special study field we acquire our Master students also on the « De Masterbeurs » Masters Fair. The « De Masterbeurs », organised from Studycentral, is the biggest fair for master studies in the Netherlands and provides an overview of international study programmes abroad... For that reason we yearly visit the fair and work together with studycentral and Universityfairs!

Kathrin Bartel
The Institute of Facility Management (IFM) at the ZHAW

We were not disappointed at the fair in Mauritius

We decided to take paurt in the education exhibition in Port-Louise, last November. We were not disappointed, as this event confirmed us in our belief that we were dealing with an extremely well run and well organised student recruitment agency. As a result of this event, we had our first 2 students.

Mr Yves Milhavy, Head of International Recruitment and Special Projects
University of Wolverhampton

Well Organised Event - World Education Fair Bulgaria

A very well organised event with a significant number of interested and informed potential students.

Matthew Homewood
Nottingham Law School

Working with Studycentral

Working with the University Fairs / Studycentral team is easy, pleasant and fun. They do what we all should: offer sufficient and relevant information, they do it quickly and are very efficient.

Ivana Belamaric
IE Business School

Working with Studycentral

Studycentral has proven to be a reliable partner. We received all necessary information in advance and our inquiries were always responded to immediately.

Zsuzsa Papp
Central European University

Working with Studycentral Was a Pleasant Experience

Working with universityfairs.com /Studycentral was a very pleasant experience. They provide you with all the information needed and you will always have their support with any queries you might have.

Adriana Goncalves
Ireland Student Consulting Group

World Education Fair in Bulgaria Superbly Organised

This was a superbly organised event and I very much look forward to working with you again.

Matthew J. Homewood
Nottingham Law School

Would attend the event, or a similar fair, next year

Our main objective for attending this event was to recruit students and we were not disappointed. The number and clientele of audience and student collected for this fair was very impressive. We were able to network effectively and with ease at the fair. The University Fairs website and booking process both ran smoothly for us, and sufficient detailed information was given before the fair. The organisation on the day of the event was astounding and I would highly recommend getting a translator for a fair if needed because ours was exceptional. 

Caroline Blocksdorf
University College Birmingham