How to book your participation online

University Fairs works in a similar way to most other online shops where you might order a product or service. You will not be expected to pay for your order today as long as the booking takes place 45 days before the start of the event. This website will issue you with an invoice, which will include a payment date in the near future. Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how you can reserve your place at any selected fair or advertising found on the University Fairs website.

1. Identify a suitable fair

This might sound obvious, but the first step you will need to take is to identify an international education fair where you would like to participate. To do this you can visit the 'Student Fairs' section, which lists all the events we provide. Here you can use the search function to refine the number of fairs suitable to your requirements. Once you have found a fair, click on its title or select the red 'View details' button. Now you will be taken into the profile page for that fair.

How to select an international education fair


2. Choosing your participation configuration

Now you are satisfied that the fair is the right choice for you, you must decide what you will require to participate. Firstly, you will need to select the size of stand you would like (if options are available) and/or which cities your would like to join (if more than one is available). Select the appropriate options. Below the options you will see a order total based on the options you have selected, this is the cost of your participation so far.

It is at this point where you can also select additional options such as print and/or online advertising to add to your package, if available. Once you are happy with your selections, you will need to select the 'Add to cart' button, which will take you to a page where you can review the items currently held in your cart.

How to select an international education fair

3. Review your cart

Having selected the add to cart button on the fair profile page before, you will be taken to a page where you can review your cart items. Here you will find all the fairs you have selected to be in your cart. You can now review the options you have selected for each fair (product).

If you have several fairs in your cart, but would only like to proceed with booking one fair at this time, you should save the other fairs for later by selecting the 'Save for later' link shown under 'Actions'. If you would like to continue shopping to add more fairs to your cart you can do so at this stage. The fair/s you have selected will be saved until you are ready to checkout.

Now you are happy with the fair/s remaining in your shopping cart, select the 'Checkout' button to proceed with your order.

How to select an international education fair

4. Checkout

You do not need to be registered to order your participation via the University Fairs website, however, if you do have an account you may like to login to save time filling in the contact information. If you are not registered please include your billing information.

If you have a coupon promotional code for this fair, this is the time when you will need it. Once the coupon has been added your order total will reflect the discount given.

At this time one can only take payments via bank transfer to be paid at a later date. This option has been selected for you by default. Once you have completed this section, you will be provided with the bank details you will need to make payment. These details will also be present in your invoice.

You will need to agree to our terms and contdition by selecting the check box.

Now you have completed submitting your order details, you should select the 'Review order' button at the bottom of this section to carry out a final check of your order details.

How to select an international education fair


5. Review and submit your order

This section will display all the details for your order based on your selection and details submitted in the stages before. This is only a summary page. To complete your order simply select the 'Submit order' button found at the bottom of this section. Once you have done this, the order process is complete.

How to select an international education fair

6. Order confirmation & payment

Shortly after you have submitted, you will receive our order confirmation and an invoice which will be sent to the email you used when ordering. You can also review your order and booking history online on the University Fairs website. Your login details will be sent automatically to the email provided. If not, you should contact us for help.

Now your order is complete, we are here to help you with all your preparations.