A Few Good Things: The Weekly Roundup

This week has been busy for international recruitment – we take a look at a foreign study from the UK with interesting student stats, share the latest on the development of an international recruitment code, higher ed updates from MENA, and a preview of fall’s leading education fair.

Here are our top picks for this week, and you can tell us yours @UniversityFairs.

European Union Program Seeks to Modernize Higher Education in Middle East and North Africa
An educational program established by the European Union more than two decades ago to guide countries in the direction of a modern higher educational system has extended its reach to Middle East and North African, which are currently undergoing extensive socio-political and economic changes.

Foreign Study in the UK Taking Off with 22,000 UK Students Now Studying Overseas
There are a growing number of United Kingdom university applicants who are contemplating studying abroad, driven by a combination of higher UK fees and a more globalised graduate employment market.

The 'London statement' - Code of Ethics for International Student Recruitment Agents
Education FairsFour countries that are among the top destinations (besides the United States) for foreign students have issued a joint ethics code for agents used in recruitment efforts. The statement -- endorsed by education officials in Australia, Britain, Ireland and New Zealand -- backs the use of agents. The United States did not join in the statement. The principles' themes about transparency and professionalism are consistent with other ethical codes with regard to student recruiting.

Closer Look Into One U.S. School's Recruiting Strategy - Admissions Officers Working Around-the-Clock
Universities are fighting for top students every day. From in-home visits to grants and scholarships, the same way students are competing with other students when they apply to institutions, universities are competing against other unis to lure top students.

International Education Fair in Kenya Coming This Fall 2012
With local Kenyan universities not being able to offer enough places for students, more and more students are looking into opportunities to study overseas as they also wish to improve their career prospects in the labour market after graduation. The exhibition will bring together students and international education providers with the focus on recruiting students for foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.